5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Site’s Search Ranking

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You don’t have to be an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert to start enjoy the benefits listing higher on Google’s search rankings. There are some small but important search engine optimization tricks you can do right now to start improving your SEO.

Link to your company’s social media platforms

Your company’s social media platforms can have a big impact on how you rank on Google. Being active on any social media site, from Twitter and Instagram to LinkedIn and especially Google+, will play a part of boosting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To improve your search rankings, make sure to include prominent icons for each of your social networks, linking to your company’s profile. You should also make it easy for your visitors to share the content on your site (notice the sharing options below this post). As visitors share your content, traffic to your website will increase which will bring up your ratings in search results. Websites that generate a lot of social activity rank higher in Google and other search engine’s rankings.

Use your keywords correctly

Just randomly placing your keywords throughout your content will not boost your search rankings. To increase your SEO, take the time to strategically place your keywords in the following locations:

  • URLs
  • Headings
  • Page content
  • Alt text descriptions for images
  • Meta tags
  • Meta titles

More isn’t always better though, too many keywords that are forced into places they don’t belong will make your site appear spammy to Google, not to mention it will turn off visitors to your site. Always keep in mind both visitors and Google like websites that are visibly pleasing and informative.

Think of creative but relevant ways to use keywords. In addition, use synonyms and other related words when creating keyword-friendly content. This not only makes your content easier to read for visitors, but it helps your rankings.

Use outbound links

A very simple way to make your content more useful and relevant is to link out to well-known source sites for more in-depth information your visitors can use. Placing links where relevant in your content to well-respected authority sites will not only increase the legitimacy of your content but it is also will send out trust signals to Google and improve SEO ranking.

Again however, more is not necessarily better. Too many outbound links can be distracting and make the content hard to get through. Linking to well respected sources within white papers or blog post is an appropriate and affective use of these linking tactics.

Launch a company blog

Although this tip may be more time consuming than others on the list it can show the greatest results. New and relevant content is what will help you rank for your keywords. Not only will it improve your search rankings in this way but it will also give you good content to share on your social media pages which will further drive traffic to your site.

Blogs allow your company to demonstrate its expertise in the field without being another sales pitch. You can create the kind of content that people interested in your services or products would appreciate, and begin to build a following.

Use locations in your keywords

By including your location, you optimize your website and your business for both local searches and local potential customers. For example, if you offer digital marketing services and you’re located in Houston, it’s good to use keywords and phrases that reflect this such as: “digital marketing services in Houston” or “digital marketing services in Texas”.

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