Web Trends We Love and how it could empower your business

2020-09-28T11:06:30-06:00By |

Unlike other industries where design trends can last several years or even decades, web design is rapidly moving and what’s looked at as modern and trendy one moment can be a feature that is aging your site within a few short years. Since 2016 is coming to a close we thought it would be fun to look at web trends we currently love and examine some of the most popular trends for this and the upcoming year. CSS Animation CSS Animation is the animation you see on a website. We love this trend applied to graphics and text as [...]

Know the Difference Between Lead and Contact; CRM by Microsoft Dynamics

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CRM leads vs contacts? There is a piece of software for anything you could imagine. And if what you are looking for is not already out there, you can build one. You may find yourself suffering from decision fatigue by just thinking about the plethora of applications, additions, and features you can choose. We understand this. As the phrase ‘CRM’ may sound like another acronym floating around in the six inches between your ears. But customer relationship management software is how you facilitate cohesion within your business, streamlining the customer lifecycle and creating interagency connections. Let us explore the [...]

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