The easiest way to work with SharePoint files is through your OneDrive for Business app. It allows you to sync your folders and use them even when you are not connected to the internet. But there are many situations where this does not work, such as space limitations on your laptop or tablet, or when the library exceeds the OneDrive sync limitations. In these cases, you can map your SharePoint library just like any other shared folder on a network.

There are four steps necessary to map the folder and then set the credentials so that you do not have to login again:

  1. Login to SharePoint using Internet Explorer
  2. Map a folder to a SharePoint library
  3. Add the site to Trusted Sites
  4. Add your login to the Credentials Manager

Let us explore each step further so you can successfully map your SharePoint Online Library.

Login to SharePoint using Internet Explorer

These days, everyone’s favorite browser is probably something other than Internet Explorer. However, it still serves a purpose. You must use Internet Explorer for this process to work.

1. Login to SharePoint using Internet Explorer.

Login to SharePoint using Internet Explorer

2. Click or enter your user id to move to the login screen.

Click or enter your user id to move to the login screen

3. Enter your password and be sure to click the “keep me signed in” checkbox.

password and keep me signed in for sharepoint

Map a Folder to a SharePoint Library

1. Next we will Map the SharePoint folders like a network drive. Open File Explorer by right clicking the Start button in the lower left corner and selecting File Explorer.

Map a Folder to a SharePoint Library

2. Next click on This PC.

3. Next, click Map network drive.

click on your Map network drive

4. Click Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures. On Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard, click Next.

Map network drive wizard

5. Select the Choose a custom network location link. Click Next.

6. Next on the Specify the location of your website screen enter the address to the SharePoint document library. Type the following into the address field: Click Next.

Specify the sharepoint location

NOTE: Your SharePoint Folder is used in this example as a placeholder for whatever your SharePoint Folder is called. You must map to an existing folder.

7. Now you will name the mapped drive.

8. Type a name for this network location, you can name it whatever you like. In this example we named it “Client – Active”. We suggest using a name that is descriptive of that library because in the future you may want to repeat this process with other folders. Click Next.

9. Your drive is now mapped. Click Finish.

You have now added the Clients – Active folder under the Computer icon in your Explorer. You can repeat the above steps to also add additional folders as needed.

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Add the Site to Trusted Sites

1. Now we need to add the site to the trusted sites. Using Internet Explorer, locate the Tools menu and the Internet Options.

2. Go the Security tab, select Trusted Sites and then click Sites.

Security tab select Trusted Sites and click Sites

3. Enter the URL for the site, click Add, and check the Require server verification checkbox, and click Close.

Require server verification checkbox

4. Next tap the Custom Level button and scroll all the way to bottom of the list.

5. Now scroll to the bottom and find User Authentication 🡪 Logon and select Automatic logon with current username and password. Click OK.

Automatic logon with current username and password

Add Your Login to the Credentials Manager

1. Locate the Credential Manager control panel. On Windows 10, just search and it should come up with just a few letters typed.

Add Your Login to the Credentials Manager

2. Open the Credential Manager and select Windows Credentials.

3. Scroll down to the Generic Credentials section and click Add a generic credential.

4. Enter your SharePoint site, your username (email address) for Office 365, and your password.

SharePoint site username email address for Office 365 Box

5. Now, Restart your computer.

This process may seem like a lot of work, but it will prevent you from having to login every single time you go to SharePoint. Long term, it is a time saver.

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