4 Features Every Contact Page Should Have

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On most websites, the contact page is the second most visited page of the website,with the homepage being the first. Quite often though, the contact page is quickly thrown together with little thought about the content.

Your second most viewed page of your website is clearly something you want to put some thought into. A correctly formatted contact page can make a big difference when it comes to conversions and getting people to take that next step of contacting you. The following is a list of best practices and things every good contact page should include.

Location, Location, Location

Internet users today have a general knowledge of how a website is set up. A contact page is a very common feature for a site to have. It is also a very important feature because it is how the visitor can reach you. A common location is in the main menu to the far right or under the “About” drop down. In vertical menus, it is generally towards the end of the menu. The bottom line is, don’t make it difficult for visitors to contact you by hiding the contact section in an obscure location.

Give The Visitors What They Want

They are coming to your contact page (hopefully) because they are trying to contact you. The standard contact information to include is a phone number(s), address, email, and a contact form.

The contact form fields will very based on your business and industry but some standard fields are name, email, phone, and what product or service they are interested in. it is a good idea to make the vital contact info, such as name, phone, and email fields set to required. This way people can’t forget to leave their contact info.

Call To Action

A good call to action should draw visitors in and guide them eloquently through your contact form process. Understanding why certain phrases are more effective than others and learning how to implement them is a process. Every industry and business is unique and therefore your customers are also. If you are not getting many contact submissions, try changing up your call to action and see if you get better results. This article further explains the art behind a great call to action.

Social Media Links

Including social media links on a contact page is important for a few reasons. First, people may come to your website to find your company’s LinkedIn or Twitter page. It is also an easy way to get followers and engagement, because your website or blog visitors are already interested in your content.

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