Branding Guide for Small Business

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Having a consistent style through every contact you have with the public is something you shouldn’t underestimate the value you of, especially in small business. Using the same fonts, language, colors, etc. not only shows that your brand is established and trustworthy but it also shows potential clients that you are serious about what you do. You want your business to stand out and be noticeable in order to win people over and having a consistent brand can help a lot.

Where do you start?

Your Message

The big picture of your message is WHO your target audience is and WHAT problems you fix for them. What sets you apart from other competitors and what your company values. More specifically, it is focusing on what you are good at and making sure that resonates clearly to your audience across all platforms.

Your Logo

Having a standardized logo is a major asset because it serves as the face of your business. A professional logo designer can be a worthwhile investment because it will be such an important part of your website, business cards, proposals, and all other marketing materials. There are also do-it-yourself logo generating websites, if you are on more of a budget. Either way, make sure it matches your vision of your brand.

Your Colors

Colors can play a big part in the first impression your brand gives. You want your brand to reflect a certain style so choose a color palette that plays into that emotion and supports the personality you are trying to portray. If you want your brand to represent energy or fun, use more vibrant hues. If you want your brand to be viewed as classic, then use a more monochromatic or muted color pallet. Creating a style guide with the colors and their Hex/cmyk/rgb codes can be a time saver and help keep you on track.

Your Fonts

People make assumptions about your content before them even get the chance to read it based on the font style. Are you playful and fun or serious and minimalist? Think about your industry and what your customers are looking for from you. For example, for a playground company we chose a more playful font because the client’s style is fun and spirited. For a logistics company we used a more traditional font because customers are looking for reliability when trusting someone with their transcontinental shipping needs.

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Your Domain

A personalized domain name is very important when it comes to establishing credibility. Once you have a company name lock that domain down so no one else can claim it. You will definitely thank yourself in the future because you are saving yourself from the frustration of someone else claiming it or having to buy it back (at an inflated price) from a domain troll.

Your Email

You know what doesn’t help you look professional? Emails like Get a customized email address that goes along with your domain. Most domain hosts have email set up options as part of their services. If you currently are using a non-branded email don’t worry, there are services that can migrate all your email to an Outlook account that has your personalized domain name.

Your Website

If you are a business owner, you really need a professional website. This is the place your visitors will go to find out more about business, location, contact info, services, and products. All the branding concepts mentioned above should come together in your website. Keep your font and color guide handy when creating your website, they will make sure everything fits together and is consistent.

Your Social Media

The same rule mentioned for domain names goes for social media handles. Lock down your company name as your social media handles for every social media you currently want or could see yourself growing into. We believe in doing what you do as well as possible, so if you don’t have the time/support to keep up with every social media platform, pick a couple and start there. Keep your branding consistent when you think about things like profile picture, background picture, content you share and images you post. Keep in mind this is your company’s social media account so keep the personal stuff on your personal accounts.

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