Cybersecurity 101

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According to the Wall Street Journal, over 34,000 computer security incidents occur every day – and 62 percent of those incidents involve breaches of small and medium-sized businesses.* Learn more about the rising threat to small and midsize businesses, and five ways you can help your customers protect their businesses. Download the complete Cybersecurity 101 guide! Overview of the business of cybercrime How Cybercrime as a Service has changed cybercrime Tips to protect your business Step 1: Strengthen your computer’s defenses Never turn off your computer’s firewall. Turning it off—even for a minute—increases risk. A firewall creates [...]

7 Tips to Save You Time and Improve Office Productivity

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Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more As we think about empowering everyone, and helping them achieve more, it helps to understand what is holding people back today. What keeps them from achieving more? We think we can help people achieve more by giving them the tools to overcome the limits of time, place and complexity. Achieve even more with all 15 Top Productivity Tips for Office TIP #1 (OneNote) - Take notes on any device or platform, and access from anywhere, with OneNote OneNote is a digital notebook that’s perfect solution [...]