Cybersecurity 101

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According to the Wall Street Journal, over 34,000 computer security incidents occur every day – and 62 percent of those incidents involve breaches of small and medium-sized businesses.*

Learn more about the rising threat to small and midsize businesses, and five ways you can help your customers protect their businesses.

Download the complete Cybersecurity 101 guide!

  • Overview of the business of cybercrime
  • How Cybercrime as a Service has changed cybercrime
  • Tips to protect your business

Step 1: Strengthen your computer’s defenses

  • Never turn off your computer’s firewall.
    Turning it off—even for a minute—increases risk.
  • A firewall creates a barrier between your computer and the Internet, a like a door keeps the bad weather out of your house
  • Install antivirus software from a trusted source. Here is a list of free and for fee Anti-Virus for your PC
  • Regularly update your applications and OS. The typical devices has applications from many companies.  You must keep them all up to date
  • Make sure the software you are using is still supported and being updated by its author
  • Uninstall unused software you use Windows, you can remove it using Programs and Features in Control Panel.

Step 2: Don’t be tricked into downloading malware

Here’s an email message that crooks sent to thousands of top U.S. executives. It appeared to be an official subpoena from the U.S. District Court in San Diego. Each message included executive-specific information (name, etc.) and directed him or her to appear before a grand jury.

The message urged the recipient to use an embedded link to open the subpoena. However, anyone who clicked the link unwittingly installed software that secretly captured passwords, user names, account numbers, and other company data

Another reason to keep your Anti-Virus up to date, applications patched, and enable your browser’s phishing and malware protection.

All these are, plus others, are layer to protect your devices and network

Software can be deceptive

A malicious popup can make commonly used buttons do any action they want

Download the complete Cybersecurity 101 guide!

  • Overview of the business of cybercrime
  • How Cybercrime as a Service has changed cybercrime
  • Tips to protect your business

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