Applying Technology to Food Safety

2020-03-18T22:23:48-06:00 By |

The safety of our food has been big in the news in recent years.  High profile incidents have several damaged the reputations of several national brands.  While some of these have been traced back to food sourcing, many of the recent headline making food safety issues could be traced back to poor temperature management. Every restaurant is required to monitor temperatures in refrigeration units and maintain records of those readings throughout business hours.  The problem is that food service is a fast-paced, time-sensitive business and the temperature logging is a manual process.  Manually checking [...]

Why Your Small Business Needs A Professional Website

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Many small businesses run lean and think that spending money on a professional website is a luxury that they cannot afford. Because of this, many small businesses have websites that are out of date and not user friendly or opt out of a website all together. Your website acts as a first impression for your business. Customers visit it to learn more about your company, as well as research product information and determine if they want to do business with you. If you are an owner of a small business or startup, it is important you realize that a [...]