Applying Technology to Food Safety

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The safety of our food has been big in the news in recent years.  High profile incidents have several damaged the reputations of several national brands.  While some of these have been traced back to food sourcing, many of the recent headline making food safety issues could be traced back to poor temperature management.

Every restaurant is required to monitor temperatures in refrigeration units and maintain records of those readings throughout business hours.  The problem is that food service is a fast-paced, time-sensitive business and the temperature logging is a manual process.  Manually checking and recording temperatures during a lunch rush is disruptive to the flow of work and sometimes just doesn’t happen.

Temperature Sensor

This is where technology can help. With smart devices that actively monitor refrigeration and holding temperatures 24/7, food service businesses can ensure that food temperature is always within a safe range without wasting labor on manual monitoring.  Owners and managers can receive instant alerts by email or mobile app when temperatures creep out of range.  A complete monitoring solution also provides the reporting necessary to help ensure regulatory and HACCP compliance even during that big rush.

In addition to maintaining complete and compliant records, automated monitoring devices can save over restaurants over $50/month in labor cost per refrigeration unit by eliminating manual recording of temperatures.  As most restaurants contain 4 or 5 units at a minimum, this savings adds up over the course of a year.  For franchises with 10 or 100 stores, the savings and increase in efficiency can staggering.  Imagine 50 stores with 5 units each – we are talking 250 refrigerators at $50 savings each.  That is over $12,000 per month.

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As an entrepreneur and technologist, I’m always on the lookout for great business solutions that involve technology.  Often times the business rationale for the technology can take a bit of explaining to make sense.  Not in this case.  Using this technology is in the customer’s interest, the owner’s interest, and the regulator’s interest.  Its an absolutely rare convergence of best-practice, increased efficiency, and improved oversight that you just don’t see very often.

Not surprisingly, as you really think about all of the repetitive tasks that people can perform in business, there are many simple solutions out there to free up an employee’s time for more productive work.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Devices and IoT page.

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As an entrepreneur and technologist, I am always looking for ways to apply technology to common business problems. I actively seek out solutions that result in increased efficiency or real monetary savings.