When it comes to the technology you use to support and scale your businesses, you can be sure that it will change. The pace of this change in the technology and software industries is accelerating for various reasons.

Significant innovations like cloud computing or the impact of economic events are continuously shifting what small businesses to succeed, forcing them into digital transformation. It is no easy feat to set your small business up for tech success, which is why we created this small business IT guide.

Asking the Right Questions

Technology should be an asset— one that helps you to anticipate and manage change. Technology should also help your organization reduce operating costs and get more from the investments you make. Your business should be asking a few key questions to grow your infrastructure to excellent efficiency. They include:

  • How quickly can we supply employees with the tools they need to succeed?
  • How do we stay ahead of the massive growth in data necessary to conduct business today?
  • What is the maximum return on our technology investments? Are we receiving this?
  • Can we simplify our technology infrastructure to spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on addressing strategic business needs?

Dynamic Solutions for Unique Challenges

The small business experts at Microsoft asked themselves similar questions while developing various software platforms designed to support small businesses. They created solutions that will help you grow your business with greater efficiency, reducing costs while getting the technology you need when you need it.

Users can build on familiar tools, so growing your company does not increase your training and start-up costs. Microsoft offers small businesses dynamic solutions to address challenges unique to their specialty. Let us explore which solutions best suit the needs and goals of your growing business.

Efficiently and Effectively Scale

Scale up or down on demand

Scale your business applications up or down with availability on-demand and only pay for what you use with Microsoft Azure.

Add employees and apps as you go

Efficiently equip employees with the apps and services they need with Office 365. Make it easy for each employee to access all their apps and devices with a single sign-on using Azure Active Directory.

Run your business on Microsoft Cloud

Always receive the most up-to-date business applications through a simple monthly subscription with Office 365. Replace high up-front costs with more affordable pay-as-you-go pricing by hosting business applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Microsoft Azure.

Easily Manage the Data Explosion

Bottomless, affordable application storage

Get cost-effective, scalable solutions for storing all of the growing data from your business applications with cloud-based Microsoft Azure Storage.

Flexible storage for employees’ files and data

Quickly access and work with your latest files with OneDrive for Business, which synchronizes files across PCs and devices, whether online or offline.

Data-driven applications that keep up with your business

Ensure the database that drives your core business applications, like inventory or ordering systems, can keep up with data growth like the enhanced performance in SQL Server 2016 can.

Get More from Your Technology Investments

Upgrade easily and affordably

With Windows 10, you can get an in-place upgrade on your existing PCs or easily migrate to a range of affordable new devices. You can get security updates more quickly and reduce management costs with Windows as a service.

The right devices at the right price

Get the appropriate Windows 10 devices for your business with a wide range of price points and a selection of innovative features and form factors.

Get the most from your servers with Microsoft’s hybrid platform

Move to the cloud while getting the most out of your on-site servers with Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, and Azure Operational Insights.

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Technology

Easily manage who can access what

Windows 10 PCs and devices use the same identity service like Office 365, making a single identity— and single sign-on —possible across Office 365, Windows devices, and more than 2,400 Azure Active Directory apps.

Get automatic updates from cloud to devices

Reduce time spent keeping everyone up-to-date and rest assured, knowing you always have the latest tools and software with Office 365 and Windows Update for Business.

Simplify application management

Centrally acquire, distribute, and manage apps for your employees using a personal category in the Windows Store with Private Catalog and the Business Store Portal.

Building Solutions Together

No matter your industry, technology literacy level or challenges you may be facing, partnering with The Bauen Group can significantly reduce the stress of digital transformation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, The Bauen Group houses an arsenal of tools to harness the power of Microsoft’s various tools and platforms. By simplifying processes via automation, The Bauen Group helps you make the most of your technology journey, viewing the digitization process as a work of art, building solutions, and creating opportunities.