Microsoft Power Apps was created to build high productivity apps tailored to your business. It includes an innovative set of tools to enable integration and workflow within web and mobile interfaces. Microsoft provides solutions with the intention of helping customers speed up application development and encourage non-developers to create their own applications and automations, supercharging everyone’s productivity.

Using Power Apps Within Your Company

Building apps may seem like a daunting task to those of us who do not speak the many languages of code. Power Apps help anyone and everyone build powerful apps for their company. It enables you to reflect upon different role and task specific scenarios using both canvas and model-driven applications.

Connect the Dots and Automate Processes

Using both Power Apps and Power Automate will guide you in logic design for your applications. This where designing applications using code could get messy, but instead of writing code you can use a point-and-click flow designer to neatly portray your genius. This improves data consistency and keeps users on track no matter how many layers of information and automation.

When building new applications and implementing new processes, it is important to remember data out is only as good as the data in. Power Apps with guide you and your company through business processes, start workflows, and provide rules for data validation.

Enhance Your Experience

AI capabilities and portal access are a few of the extras you can use with Power Apps to enhance your company’s experience and capabilities. Power Apps enables you to make AI intuitive and accessible to everyone in your organization no matter their technical background. AI can help you gain value and insight from all your data through processing and prediction.

External access for individuals outside of your organization can be achieved through Power Apps portals. Here, you will be able to engage with external customers and partners as well as build responsive websites. Portals can help integrate and customize data for each user inside and outside of your organization.

Save Money, Increase Flow

Research shows that the average cost to develop an application is 70 percent less with Power Apps and Power Automate. The internal development effort, professional services fees, and vendor applications purchase costs are much lower for applications developed using these tools and connectors. The effort to maintain code and manage applications is about 38 percent less when using Power Apps and Automate. Keep in mind, the efficiency gains can vary by role. But remote and mobile workers benefit greatly from the implementation of these processes. Overall, it improves efficiencies by about 15 percent.

Benefits That Go Further Than Money

Not all benefits can be quantified using dollar signs. Power Apps empowers its users. This increases employee satisfaction due to the elimination of repetitive and annoying manual activities  and gives employees a feeling of control over their work. Happier employees mean increased efficiency and a lower turnover rate.

Not only are employees satisfied, they are able to make better and faster decisions. Development work completed with Power Apps enables a faster information collection. This can mean that better decisions are made based on data sets that are closer to real-time.

There are so many ways you can reap the benefits of Power Apps, whether you use it yourself or connect with a Microoft partner. Companies who have used Power Apps to deploy new applications report reduced time-to-market, happier customers, and revenue protection.

How Can We Help?

Business owners and users, like you, may not want to learn how to make apps, devote time to learning how to use Power Apps, or a combination of the two. Whatever the reason is, we are ready to step in to help.

As a Microsoft Gold partner with offices in Texas, Colorado, and Illinois we help you navigate tools like Power Apps to transform your vision to a reality. Although Power Apps is a user-friendly platform, we are here to assist you with any confusion, time restrictions or disinterest in taking on a large project by yourself. Our team of analysts and developers can help you create a solution that will not only provide you with flexibility, but will enable you to set new goals and encourage growth for your business.