Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship software that helps businesses organize customers, leads, and essential insights on a single platform. The Dynamics 365 platform consists of five cloud-based applications. The applications are Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.

Each application creates a personalized platform tailored to the unique needs of your business. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is an app dedicated to providing users with the tools to run targeted, multi-channel campaigns through marketing automation, helping turn leads into engaged customers.

Explore the Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft built the capabilities of the Dynamics Marketing platform around four priorities: nurture more demand; personalize buyer experiences, build relationships at scale, and make insight-driven decisions. Let’s explore Marketing capabilities.

Create and Nurture Leads to Build Lasting Connections

With the Dynamics Marketing application, you can attract prospects by running, targeted, multi-channel campaigns. The campaigns include email marketing, web landing pages, telemarketing, SMS integration, LinkedIn integration, and more.

You can ensure a personalized customer experience by creating campaign assets using templates, reusable content blocks, and automated design tools. The marketing AI allows you to understand buyer preferences and past interactions so you can speak directly to your customers and meet their needs.

Align Sales and Marketing to Support Your Mission

View all your prospects, contacts, leads, and customers in one place when you combine Dynamics 365 for Marketing with Dynamics 365 for Sales. This combination allows you to track each prospect through the sales pipeline. You can quickly identify leads that require a follow-up and send personalized content to nurture the connection.

By aligning your strategies, you can increase productivity and support collaboration between sales and marketing. Dynamics 365 provides you with pre-built workflows that transfer sales-ready leads and essential follow-ups. The cross-functional approach enables further collaboration using other Office 365 tools.

An Adaptable Platform That Grows with You

As your business evolves, an adaptable platform is necessary to meet your changing needs. Dynamics 365 for Marketing uses tools like the no-code visual editor to meet your team right where they are.

Marketing allows you to seamlessly integrate data from other Dynamics 365 applications and third-party applications to ensure cross-platform collaboration.

Microsoft ensures you can market your service and products internationally while maintaining the required compliance standards. Global privacy standards can be tricky, but Marketing allows you to request, capture, and store consent. These features help you continue to propel your marketing activities forward and connect with your audience.

Make Informed Decisions to Increase Profitability

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can make better-informed decisions that support your business. Prioritize your attention based on information from multiple lead scoring models, A/B testing, and smart scheduling. Marketing insights help you target the correct audience and focus on the highest-priority leads.

Microsoft Customer Insights uses AI-driven technology to build unified customer profiles. The profiles can be used by different departments within your organization to shape a personalized experience for each customer.

By providing you with relevant and reliable data, Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows you to view your customers with a wide lens. Use data dashboards and marketing analyzers to have the information you need most right at your fingertips.

Improve Your ROI with Insights and Automation

With copious amounts of data at your fingers, you have the power to improve your business’ marketing performance and profitability. Yet, only 10 percent of marketers currently use insights to improve performance according to McKinsey & Company. Insights gained through marketing automation are crucial to a better return on investment (ROI).

Research shows the use of marketing analytics increases a company’s profits and an increased marketing return on investment. But how?

When you use an automated marketing platform, you quickly identify and target the leads that genuinely matter and spend less time on those that do not. An automated marketing platform like Dynamics 365 allows you to view all marketing activities together so you can make real-time decisions. It gives you access to every step in the buyers’ journey.

With this perspective, you can adjust your models and prioritize leads that are ready to buy. The prospect forecasting leads to a shorter close time and less wasted time on less valued prospects. Seeing what activities deliver helps you focus on the best practices to target the best leads, which help you achieve a higher ROI.

Build Your Platform with a Partner

Connecting with a Microsoft Partner allows you to fully understand and utilize all of the features of an automated marketing platform. They help you conceptualize your needs, design what you want, and deploy a platform that is as unique as your business. All so you can achieve the best ROI and marketing efficiency.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing will help you to build lasting relationships and align content, marketing efforts, and working routines to empower business and sales. At the same time, it will give you valuable information to help your organization to make the best decisions and evolve accordingly to the necessities of your users.

Just check it out!