The amount of data generated today is staggering. The International Data Corp expects the worldwide volume of data generated annually to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025, which is a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 61 percent. Keep in mind; one zettabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes.

That is a large amount of information.

In the healthcare industry alone, experts estimated the value of the global Healthcare Analytics Market at USD 14 billion in 2019, and forecast it to reach USD 50.5 billion by 2024, which is a projected CAGR of 28.3 percent.

Healthcare organizations find themselves weighed down by tedious manual processes, the pressure to reduce spending while improving patient outcomes, and the expectation of increasing the number of patient registries.

The growing amount of information, adoption of data-driven decision-making, and the implementation of initiatives to increase electronic health records (EHR) adoption are the major factors driving this market growth. And for a good reason.

But the ever-evolving industry poses complex challenges to the organizations managing unfathomable amounts of information. They are trying to manage the massive amounts of information successfully while trying to learn and implement new digital technologies that are supposed to help. The multi-tasking leaves no room for efficiency and leaves the door wide open for errors.

Reaching Out for Help

A leading US Medical Records Management Company was struggling to adopt the new, agile digital technologies into their organization that was mostly supported by outdated applications. To successfully make the transition, they turned to the Bauen Group for help.

The Bauen Group has extensive experience in the complex market that is the healthcare industry. This experience made them well-equipped to help the Medical Records Management Company by developing a new custom solution that reduces errors, streamlines processes and results in a six-figure annual reduction in operating expenses.

Although the company information is not available, as development was done under a non-disclosure agreement and is considered private intellectual property and competitive advantage, let’s explore the problem, the solution, the benefits, and how Bauen can help you.

Drowning in Data

Company data, customer data, and compliance data are flooding healthcare organizations. The Medical Records Management Company found itself weighed down by tedious manual processes such as manually scanning, reviewing, categorizing, and uploading files. As a leader in its field, the company wanted to modernize and streamline business processes while keeping its IT team lean.

Faced with what seemed like an insurmountable challenge, the company decided to hire a third party to build over a dozen software components that connect over 40 systems and manual processes. They were also ready to automate various manual processes, such as invoice processing and records retrieval, to reduce processing time in half while increasing accuracy by 90 percent.

Like many healthcare companies, the Medical Records Management Company gathered data from multiple systems with varying formats and document layouts. This connection posed another challenge to The Bauen Group because the documents could not exchange the information and business processes stretched across different departments. Still, they were ready to transform this problem into a work of technology art.

The Solution to Keep You Afloat

The Bauen Group built the new application on Microsoft Azure. Azure is a dynamic set of cloud computing services that allows you to build, manage, and deploy applications on a vast global network. They created the code with Microsoft PowerApps, a modern, browser-based low code platform that simplifies complicated application development.

Usually, developers spend much of their time honing the details of the software, for example, ensuring efficient storage allocation for a payment system. Microsoft Azure and PowerApps simplify this tedious process by allowing developers to create applications by simply dragging and dropping objects on a screen.

The client provided documentation of its current manual processes. At the same time, The Bauen Group developed a multi-step project management framework designed to ensure that its services and customer needs successfully merge. By working together, the implementation of the agile development platform took just one month.

The Benefits of Being on Top

During a pilot phase, Bauen fine-tuned the project, and they are now rolling it out throughout The Medical Records Management Company. The new cloud-based, low code platform streamlined or replaced the previously time-consuming business processes.

The new platform improved collaboration, reduced manual errors, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Perhaps most importantly, it established a new computing infrastructure capable of quickly adapting to change in the ever-evolving health care industry.

Here are a few benefits The Medical Records Management Company experienced because of the changes:

  • More effective collaboration for remote teams
  • Reduced document handling errors by 90 percent
  • Streamlining document handling processes resulted in a savings of more than $100,000 per year
  • Overall cost reduction of over $600,000 per year
  • Expected savings after two years will pass the $1 million

Overcoming Challenges Together

The Bauen Group believes that the best way to overcome challenges is by working together. We are a team of professionals that see opportunities and solutions where companies see obstacles. We specialize in custom software development and support a wide range of consulting and application development services, such as independent solutions, integrations, and full-stack developments.

In the case of The Medical Records Management Company, they wanted a system that positioned them for future growth. By working together, we not only solved the problems of now but prevented the problems of the future. The Bauen Group understands that the needs and goals of every organization are different. That is why we use advanced cloud computing technology, new low-code development tools, and a cloud-native design to deliver cost-effective solutions for companies of any size.

The Bauen Group seeks to empower customers by creating more efficient workplaces and organizations that improve their products and services and work environment for their team. Together, we can navigate complex environments, reduce expenses, and generate more revenue, encouraging your enterprise to flourish.