Just as it is essential to create opportunities for your customers, it is just as necessary to offer new opportunities for your employees. New opportunities, tools, and resources are building blocks to creating strong employee relationships. Microsoft understands this need, especially given the current environment, and that is why they have developed tools and platforms to improve employee relationships.

Let us explore how a member of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power Apps, can strengthen the employee-employer relationship in your company through custom app development.

Empowering Your Employees is Important

Industry leaders such as Google, Disney, and Four Seasons have many characteristics in common. Not only are they considered household names, but they go above and beyond to empower their employees. You may wonder, “Why does this attribute matter?” Employee empowerment has a direct effect on the success and sustainability of your business.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “when employees are empowered at their job, they are more apt to have a stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and commitment to the organization.” When your team is empowered, they are more likely to go the extra mile for customers, communicate and collaborate within the workplace, and drive innovation. One of the most effective ways to empower your employees is to dedicate time and resources to improving employee relationships. Microsoft offers a wide range of tools and platforms to help employers build strong relationships with their team, including Microsoft Power Apps.

How Power Apps Builds Better Relationships

Microsoft developed Power Apps to build high productivity apps tailored to your unique business needs. It provides a set of innovative tools to enable integration within the web and mobile interfaces. Power Apps allows users to speed up the application development process and encourage non-developers to create applications and automation.

Businesses can save money and increase workflow by adopting Power Apps while discovering that their employee relationships improve significantly. Below are three ways Power Apps can improve employee relationships in your workplace.

Less Code, More’ Em-Power’

You can give everyone on your team the tools to be an app builder with the Power Apps low-code platform. Whether it is a business analyst with a new, innovative idea or a professional developer under a time crunch, users can solve complex business problems with intuitive visual tools that require low to no code.

This user-friendly platform empowers individuals who would otherwise never build an app to try something new or experienced individuals to tackle large projects. This gained sense of empowerment helps facilitate a positive working environment and stronger employee relationships.

A Sense of Community

The core of healthy relationships is a robust, supportive community. With more than one million monthly active members in the Power Platform communities and an endless amount of energy on Twitter following movements like #PowerAddicts and #LessCodeMorePower, your employees can feel surrounded by like-minded individuals. When employees have opportunities and tools that make them feel included, their connection with the company thrives.

Increasing Productivity

Power Apps allows employees to build desktop and mobile applications designed for their specific functions and needs. When individuals who need the tools make the tools, the end-product can be precisely what they need to be productive and ultimately find success in their role.

With Power Apps, team members can quickly complete small, mundane tasks, creating more time in their schedule for self-care, quality time with their loved ones, or much larger projects. Productivity satisfies the company and benefits the employee, improving the vital relationships that are the business’ backbone.

Not Just a Theory, But a Reality

It is easy to think that Power Apps’ ability to improve employee relationships and workplace dynamics is just another ‘theory,’ but reality proves otherwise. The best way to fully understand how Power Apps can support your team is to hear how it has improved other companies’ relationships. Below are two real-life cases that illustrate Power Apps’ ability to transform interagency relationships.

Heathrow Airport

The Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom uses Microsoft Power Apps to cut paperwork and reduce the amount of data entry significantly. One of Heathrow’s employees, Samit Saini, who previously worked in airport security, saw an opportunity to transform the language book that provided translations for pertinent passenger-facing regulations.

Samit quickly developed a working prototype that was accepted and adopted enthusiastically by using Power Apps. Even though he was not a member of the IT team beforehand, he is now working full-time on Power Apps solutions for all staff. This example clearly illustrates the ability of Power Apps to open doors and start conversations between employees and employers that may not otherwise happen.

Capitol Records

Microsoft Power Apps enabled entertainment powerhouse Capitol Music Group (CMG) to transform its out-dated, business-critical marketing application. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, CMG could migrate the app from its old platform to Microsoft without losing control of critical processes, kickstarting a new marketing innovation era.

With the help of Power Apps, employees no longer must rely on email or spreadsheets to move projects forward and have either eliminated, automated, or simplified slow manual processes. CMG is moving forward as an employee-defined company, using Power Apps to build stronger relationships between team members, their work, and the brand.

Transitioning to an Empowered Environment

So, how does your team begin building an empowering environment where employee-employer relationships thrive? The first step is to identify the solution that fits your unique needs, wants, and budget. One of the benefits of Microsoft Power Apps is that there are various licensing options, including a free trial run to make sure it is the best fit for your team.

Even though Microsoft Power Apps is user-friendly, business owners and users, like you, may not want to learn how to make apps or devote time to learning how to use Power Apps. While you build up your team, The Bauen Group is ready to help you build up your technology. Although Power Apps is quite user-friendly, we are here to help with any time restrictions, confusion, or disinterest in tackling the task of application development.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we help you harness the power of Power Apps to make your vision a reality. Bauen’s analysts and developers work side-by-side with your staff to create a mobile or web application that will give your company a fresh perspective and the opportunity to strengthen relationships.

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