The Bauen Group are big fans of Power BI. So, we’ll get right to the point: your organization needs to invest in Microsoft’s Power Platform. If you are already using Microsoft technology, then you need to look at training your users so they’re able to make the most of this powerful toolkit. That’s because all the leading organizations today are prioritizing data-driven decision-making. And we believe Power BI is the best platform to build a data-driven culture.

Of course, technology is just one ingredient in an organization’s culture. Let’s not forget the most important part: your people. With tools as easy to use as Power BI you can empower employees who lack specialist IT expertise to immerse themselves in all things data. For this reason, Power BI has to be considered an essential investment.

We’ll outline the benefits of a data-driven culture with Power BI and explain how to create the right business intelligence strategy to achieve these goals.

Prioritize data-driven decision-making

Organizations with data-driven cultures can make the best use of their business data. They can use it to enhance decision-making, improve their operations and offering, and anticipate future challenges and opportunities. But it’s one thing talking about data-driven decision-making, and another putting it into action. So how do organizations create a business intelligence strategy to foster the culture required?

The answer lies in democratizing technology so that it can be used across the organization. Low-code and no-code tools offer non-developer employees across the line of business a way into what would have once been only available to IT professionals. And it’s not just the code. Business intelligence is a complex discipline in itself. With easy-to-use tools, non-specialist employees can monitor data in real time, create data visualizations, and leverage advanced analytics to gain insights in a way that would previously have not been possible.

Why Power BI?

Power BI is a set of software services, apps, and extensions geared towards business intelligence. Alongside Power Automate (workflows) and Power Apps (business applications), it’s part of the Power Platform, Microsoft’s hugely successful entry into the low-code and no-code enterprise tool space. As the business intelligence arm of this, Power BI provides Microsoft users with unprecedented capabilities to get more from their organization’s data.

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Two big reasons to back business intelligence

Sustaining digital growth

Gartner reports that many organizations who have had success in their digital transformation over the last few years, which has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, are beginning to see a drop in momentum. This is because many organizations are adopting the hybrid workplace setup, meaning that IT environments and assets are located both in the cloud and on-premises. After a few years of digital growth, many are finding this new decrease as investment is being directed once again to on-premises IT.

So where does business intelligence come into it? Well, Gartner suggest an approach to counter this:

  • Stop, take stock, and look at the data – you need to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Identify which digital processes are a success – and use this information to make more informed decisions about which direction to take digital transformation initiatives.

These steps can breathe life back into your digital transformation journey.

Edge computing

As suggested in this report from Forrester, edge computing is set to play a crucial role in the coming years. Edge computing refers to the seamless combination of the latest software, hardware, and cloud technology to transform how employees work, wherever they work – whether it’s the on the retail floor, in an office cubicle, or at the top of Mount Everest. It’s most widely recognized for its use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and helping businesses gain value from IoT.

Edge is on the rise, accelerating, but also confusing businesses as to how to leverage its potential. Data is key to understanding what works, but also managing all of these touchpoints. As IoT turns everything into a computer, you start to generate a lot of data. The key success factor is making that data, and the business intelligence that can be gained from it, easily accessible to everyone at your organization. Data visualization with Power BI is an effective way of doing this.

Create your business intelligence strategy today

At the Bauen Group, we help organizations build innovative solutions to enable growth. Establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making is an essential part of this.

As stated at the outset, we believe your business needs Power BI. And we’re happy to help you get started. Our experts can work closely with your teams to fully understand your business operations. This way we can guide your business intelligence strategy to meet your unique business goals. Start your journey to a data-driven culture today.

To learn more about data-driven decision-making and how to create the right business intelligence strategy for your organization, get in contact with the team at the Bauen Group.