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The AEC workplace has changed significantly over the last ten years. Mobile devices now have the power to enable powerful field data capture and distributed workflows, connecting the field and the office ever more tightly. Paper tickets are giving way to digitized records, yielding efficiency and accuracy on an ever increasing scale.

Keeping Pace with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Information Systems Management

While offices have long had access to powerful software for drawings and planning, the field has been left to paper tickets in triplicate. But the good news is there are empowering solutions that can streamline information workflows and significantly improve operational efficiencies. Custom software integrations and cloud infrastructure assets are at the core of these innovative solutions.

The Bauen team can help optimize your processes with custom construction materials testing solutions.  No more using multiple spreadsheets to determine the right resource for the job and jurisdiction.  Get inspection reports to customers instantly instead of days later, and always have confidence that you have the right samples with your inspection.  Run your lab the way you want to, not the way the software forces you to.  And give your customer the ability to request inspections or retrieve their results along with any updates, on their time using self-service portals instead of calling your office.

Create a modern customer experience that is tailored to your business, all on a proven, scalable, platform available from anywhere.

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How can AEC professionals leverage hybrid IT solutions to optimize information workflows, operational efficiencies, and costs?

At Bauen Group we take a three-pronged approach to AEC solutions:

Streamlined Workflows

  • Powerful skills-based matching and scheduling
  • Customer Self-Service Requests
  • Online Distribution of Logs, Inspections, and other Reports
  • Work Assignments
  • Equipment Checkout
  • Virtual Inventory
  • Certifications Management

Custom Mobile Enablement

  • Built to order mobile data collection
  • Before and after imaging
  • Offline capabilities
  • Information management and data protection policies
  • Seamless backoffice integration

Business Application Integration

  • Integration with industry standards, such as Deltek and more
  • Integrate with on-premise and cloud-based assets
  • Custom software integrations— APIs, cross-app integrations, etc.
  • MS Power BI to unlock business intelligence and insights
  • FinOps—cost and usage optimization and reporting

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