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Custom Software Development— Proprietary Over Product

2021-01-08T06:14:50-07:00By |

Choosing the right software for your company can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, including various “as-a-Service” technologies and predesigned products, why would you need to build your own? The reality is, no matter how many features or unique workflows are built into a platform, your company may have to change various aspects of infrastructure. Change is not a bad thing; it is full of opportunities. But why fix something that is not broken? The option to build a proprietary platform over a predesigned product may be the solution you have been looking for all along. Enhance [...]

Avoiding Disaster with Microsoft Dynamics GP

2021-06-09T09:26:25-06:00By |

If we know one thing for sure during this trying time, it is that change is inevitable, and preparation is critical. Advancements in technology have been driving transformation for quite some time now. Yet, it took the onset of a global pandemic to change business models that were no longer effective. You can feel the ripple effect of this change within every business layer, not just revenue, but business operations. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft's cloud-based business management solution, companies can grow and evolve rather than crumble under pressure. Microsoft Fighting Disaster on Front Lines Since [...]

Energy Sector on Jeopardize by Coronavirus, Oil price war; how to survive?

2021-09-23T11:11:22-06:00By |

The challenges facing the energy industry are now mounting with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak pushing the global economy into recession and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, sending barrel prices to the south. The forecast for advanced and in developing economies are not good for the rest of the year, so companies are moving now to provide them with tools that can help them to save money and to prepare themselves for the moment when everything will be back on track. Clouds in the energy sector upstream The downturn that pundits have been predicting for well [...]

Set Your Small Business Up for Tech Success

2020-11-24T14:29:13-07:00By |

When it comes to the technology you use to support and scale your businesses, you can be sure that it will change. The pace of this change in the technology and software industries is accelerating for various reasons. Significant innovations like cloud computing or the impact of economic events are continuously shifting what small businesses to succeed, forcing them into digital transformation. It is no easy feat to set your small business up for tech success, which is why we created this small business IT guide. Asking the Right Questions Technology should be an asset— one that helps you [...]

How Technology revolutionizes food safety

2021-09-23T11:03:50-06:00By |

Food safety has been making headlines in recent years, and while currently living amidst a global pandemic, food safety is incredibly pertinent. High profile incidents within the foodservice industry have caused damage to the reputations of several national brands. While some of the incidents are traced back to food sourcing, many of the headlines involving restaurants are connected to poor temperature management, which is easily avoidable. Technology in the foodservice industry enables foodservice companies to efficiently and effectively navigate food safety compliance requirements. The Dynamic Duo— Foodservice and Technology Technology is reinventing food safety protocols, increasing energy efficiency, and [...]

Cybersecurity 101: Two Steps to Protect Your Small Business

2020-10-29T13:22:36-06:00By |

According to research, there were 80,000 cyberattacks per day or over 30 million attacks in the year 2018. It is easy to think as a small to midsize business that you would not be the typical target for cybercriminals. Still, the reality is that 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Surveys show that 70 percent of small businesses are unprepared to handle a cyberattack. The question then becomes, “Are you?” It is vital to understand the rising threat to small and midsize businesses from cybercriminals to keep your business healthy and thriving. Here are two steps you [...]

How to Integrate Contact Form 7 with Microsoft Azure

2020-10-31T05:29:25-06:00By |

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for premium WordPress themes. However, if you are hosting through Azure you may have issues when setting up your site and testing your contact forms. Azure sometimes will block the contact forms from sending you email notifications, defeating the purpose of the contact form. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Hosting a WordPress Site on Azure WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, holding a 60 percent market share for content management systems. With 34 percent of all websites on the Internet powered by WordPress and [...]

Your 2020 Small Business Branding Guide

2020-10-14T12:48:54-06:00By |

Having a consistent style with every interaction you have with the public is highly valuable, especially for a small business. Using the same fonts, language, colors, messaging, and more shows that your brand is established and trustworthy and illustrates to potential clients that you are exceedingly professional. You want your business to be noticeable to potential leads and support you in winning deals, and having a consistent brand can help tremendously. Your Message Your message is your mission, who your target audience is, and what problems you solve. Your messaging is what establishes your competitive edge and what your company [...]

How to Map a SharePoint Online Library Like a Network Drive – 2020 Guide

2021-12-20T06:00:28-07:00By |

The easiest way to work with SharePoint files is through your OneDrive for Business app. It allows you to sync your folders and use them even when you are not connected to the internet. But there are many situations where this does not work, such as space limitations on your laptop or tablet, or when the library exceeds the OneDrive sync limitations. In these cases, you can map your SharePoint library just like any other shared folder on a network. There are four steps necessary to map the folder and then set the credentials so that you do not [...]

Why Does Your Company Need A Content Management System?

2020-11-09T12:57:41-07:00By |

Not long ago, companies needed a reliable web developer to design, change, and update their websites, but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, many small businesses believe it is essential to pay a developer to complete even the slightest change. Introducing a content management system or CMS to a small business empowers business leaders and staff to take their tech into their own hands. A CMS enables individuals with no coding experience to make changes to content quickly and easily. Plus, content management systems have many other features from which small businesses can benefit. What is a Content Management [...]

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