Q. If you could have a superhero power, what would it be? A. Automatic aggregation in Power BI

Every story with a superhero has a villain. Or in most cases a stock of villains that re-emerge in different guises over time. For the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler think of the ongoing challenges [...]

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Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI in real-time just got better

Microsoft has introduced new data streaming functionality for Power BI. Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI in real-time has just become quicker, easier, and more precise. And it’s got us excited here at [...]

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Why you need to give your Power Apps security a health check

Earlier this year, researchers discovered that a Microsoft Power Apps security configuration issue had led to some 38 million records being exposed online. Personal information, including vaccination appointments, Social Security numbers, employee ID’s, email [...]

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Increase productivity with Power Apps in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft are constantly trying to make Teams better. One recent example is the new Power Apps integration in Teams. The goal is to increase productivity with Power Apps, by giving users speedier access to [...]

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Accessibility matters: Making accessible apps in Power Apps

We live in a world striving for more inclusivity. And in the technology landscape, one of the ways this manifests itself is greater concern for accessibility. Making accessible apps and services is now a [...]

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What Dynamics 365 marketing customer orchestration means for your business

Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced the general availability of a major new update to its Dynamics 365 marketing platform. It introduced several smart new customer orchestration features that we expect will be game changers [...]

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