Will low-code development and citizen developers spark a new tech arms race?

Low-code development platforms have done a lot to level the playing field and democratize development. In the age of the citizen developer, organizations are no longer held back by a lack of in-house coding expertise and prohibitively lengthy and expensive solution implementation periods.   As [...]

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In case of emergency, break out Power Apps for business continuity

New challenges require new solutions. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has seen plenty of the former, with new distances created between colleagues, customers, and businesses, together with new considerations that are necessary to carry out even everyday operations. Organizations everywhere have had to rely on [...]

Terra: Microsoft and Verily’s Collaboration

Everything is better together, even cloud-based data storage. Recently, Microsoft announced that it would contribute cloud-based storage data and computing power to Terra. Terra is a software project powering industry and academic research, allowing [...]

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Trending 2021— A Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Trends serve as a guiding light for the healthcare industry, indicating the industry's direction and highlight the technologies reshaping it. Trends help industry leaders get a better sense of what their patients need and [...]

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New Power Apps integration makes Teams a powerful productivity platform

Since Teams’ beginnings as a communication tool, Microsoft’s ambitions for its collaboration hub have greatly expanded. The tech titan knows the more business users can do within Teams, the less likely they are to click off to a third-party tool – and the more central [...]

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