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Every project has a story behind it. After facing problems and diverse challenges, business tends to look for general solutions. However, customers’ stories tell us that the best way to confront those disjunctives is to have a partner that crafts unique and out of the box solutions. That will enhance your business.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please see state of the art solutions that empower people, businesses, and processes. Because in the end, all that matter is a happy customer story.

Custom Healthcare Solution that saves millions of dollars

Like many organizations, the Medical Records Management Company found itself weighed down by tedious manual processes with its systems such as manually scanning, reviewing, categorizing, and uploading files. The company, a leader in its field, wanted to modernize and streamline their business processes.

Because of the Solution:

  • Teams working remotely collaborate more effectively
  • The company reduced its document handling errors by 90%
  • Savings of more than $100K/year were realized by streamlining document handling processes.
  • An overall cost reduction of over $600K/yr.
  • In two years, the savings pass the $1 million mark
health care worker managing information and medical records with a technology solution
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A 24/7 fully-automated temperature protection

Food Service Case Study Worker on Refrigerator

A restaurant owner wanted to find a way to automate temperature monitoring for their kitchen refrigerator after the refrigerator air vent became blocked by bulky food items. It caused the internal temperature to spike to an unsafe temperature.

Check our solution and find out how it saved thousands of dollars to the client.

  • Over 12,000 Hours of Labor Reclaimed Annually
  • Saved over $500 per refrigerator per year
  • Total Savings = $146,000 per year
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New Responsive Website for Houston Electrical Service Company

Ohms Electrical Services and The Bauen Group worked together to build a website that fully represented the premier electrical contracting firm’s essence and future vision. This collaboration directly impacted the company’s customer experiences and impressions, search presence, and scalability. Here are just a few of the benefits your company may reap from a website redesign:

  • A doorway to digital transformation
  • Enhanced customer experiences and an opportunity to expand your market
  • Speaking of audiences… Use SEO to grow yours
OHMS Website Upgrade
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