The Azure Bot Service on the Microsoft Bot Framework

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Robots taking over the world is a scenario Hollywood has used in Sci-Fi storylines for generations. But in the modern-day technology sector, bots are an everyday encounter. The Azure Bot Service on the Microsoft Bot Framework transforms the ways a developer designs, deploys and manages bots. Whether you are building a chatbot or a productivity bot, there are specific steps vital to the process. Let us uncover the core components of building an intelligent, human-like bot on the Azure Bot Service. Building AI Experiences with the Microsoft Bot Framework The Microsoft Bot Framework provides tools to develop, test, launch, and [...]

Avoiding Disaster with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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If we know one thing for sure during this trying time, it is that change is inevitable, and preparation is critical. Advancements in technology have been driving transformation for quite some time now. Yet, it took the onset of a global pandemic to change business models that were no longer effective. You can feel the ripple effect of this change within every business layer, not just revenue, but business operations. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft's cloud-based business management solution, companies can grow and evolve rather than crumble under pressure. Microsoft Fighting Disaster on Front Lines Since the [...]

Bauen’s New Custom Healthcare Solution Saves Millions

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The amount of data generated today is staggering. The International Data Corp expects the worldwide volume of data generated annually to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025, which is a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 61 percent. Keep in mind; one zettabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes. That is a large amount of information. In the healthcare industry alone, experts estimated the value of the global Healthcare Analytics Market at USD 14 billion in 2019, and forecast it to reach USD 50.5 billion by 2024, which is a projected CAGR of 28.3 percent. Healthcare organizations find [...]

Power BI Heatmaps: Visualize Data and empower messages

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Look beyond pie charts, line charts, and bar graphs by presenting your data with real-time, interactive visuals. Real-time business intelligence enables leaders to make effective decisions that expand company outreach. When you create custom visuals such as a heatmap with Power BI, you paint a clear picture of what is happening within your company and your impact around the world. Bring Your Data to Life with Power BI Heatmaps Microsoft Power BI is a collection of services and apps that work together to transform massive amounts of unorganized data into clear, visually appealing, and interactive insights. Power BI allows [...]

How Lifecycle Services Can Improve Productivity

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Lifecycle Services (LCS) is a Microsoft Azure-based portal that helps you manage the application and software lifecycle of your implementations. It provides predictable, repeatable, and proactive deployments. LCS is a cloud-based platform with a set of regularly updated services that simplify and standardize the implementation process. The goal of lifecycle services is to provide reliable information and a transparent workspace for both customers and partners. This workspace enables closer collaboration and reduces time to value. Over 11,000 users across 32 countries/regions use LCS to design and deploy robust systems, to reduce the time it takes to find solutions and to [...]

Energy Sector on Jeopardize by Coronavirus, Oil price war; how to survive?

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The challenges facing the energy industry are now mounting with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak pushing the global economy into recession and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, sending barrel prices to the south. The forecast for advanced and in developing economies are not good for the rest of the year, so companies are moving now to provide them with tools that can help them to save money and to prepare themselves for the moment when everything will be back on track. Clouds in the energy sector upstream The downturn that pundits have been predicting for well [...]

IoT: How The Internet of Things is Changing Healthcare Forever

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The Internet of medical things goes beyond wearables or analytical systems. It is a whole ecosystem that connects hardware, devices, and sensors, among others, to a network that collects and analyses data in a fast, accurate, and real-time process. It provides health care centers with valuable information to improve patient's life and business synergies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the healthcare industry. IoT-enabled devices and sensors have allowed patients and healthcare providers to monitor vital health parameters in real-time, creating a personalized plan of care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. This application of [...]

Top Tech Cities in US in 2020; From Colorado Springs to Austin

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Knowing the top tech cities in the US is vital to understand how the labor market and job flow are doing in current times. As new and emerging technologies shape our daily life, jobs in technology are growing exponentially. Cities all over the United States are transforming their environment into one that supports, nurtures and promotes innovation. Although this is a shift happening in many places, there are a few cities that stand out among the rest. Know what are the top cities in the United State that are embracing technology to shape their future. Colorado Springs, CO, a [...]

Power BI — Expand Your Business Intelligence

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Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually appealing, and interactive insights. Whether your information is stored in Excel spreadsheets or an on-premise database, you will be able to paint a clear picture of what is happening throughout your business. Learn everything you should know about Microsoft Power Business Intelligence, why it is suitable for your organization, and what you need to check when choosing a Gold Microsoft Partner. Powering Your Business with Power BI Power BI easily lets you connect your data [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365

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The way we do business is changing, quickly. Change is inevitable, and the way you connect your company, customers, and data directly impacts customer experiences, business operations, and financial growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing the way we use to interact with customers. Follow along as we answer the questions: What is Microsoft Dynamics? How does it work? Why should I use it? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship solution that helps businesses organize and manage their customer and lead data through a set of five cloud-based applications within a singular portfolio. The applications are: Dynamics 365 for [...]