Improve employee productivity in a world of hybrid working

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The way we work has changed over the past year, and the role of the traditional office is dramatically transforming. Within this changing landscape, organizations are looking for the best way to ensure their employees' safety, engagement, and productivity. And many are turning to a hybrid work environment to achieve these aims. Today we look at how best to help your employees adapt to a hybrid way of working, where some staff members will be working in the office and others remotely, and ensure your business continues to be as productive as possible.   A hybrid setup combines the benefits of remote working with the traditional office. But, as we’ll see, it’s not without its drawbacks.   The benefits of hybrid working While COVID-19 has played a big part in this changing work environment, there [...]

Food for thought: Time to improve operations in food manufacturing and services?

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Industries across the board are benefiting from digitizing their processes. They’re adopting new line-of-business apps, launching new services for customers and employees, and turbocharging their operations with technology in all kinds of ways.   Food is one such industry. Businesses everywhere have used the power of digital transformation to improve operations in food manufacturing and drive efficiency and productivity in food services. Let’s look at how they’re doing it.   Collecting and harnessing factory data Today, thanks to the low-code revolution, organizations can now more easily and quickly build their own bespoke apps to enhance productivity in the food manufacturing chain. Platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps can be used to put powerful new mobile applications in the hands of workers on the factory floor. [...]

Reimagine Banking and Finance in the digital disruption

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The healthcare industry is not the only industry undergoing rapid transformation amidst a global pandemic. The banking and financial services industry is ever-evolving, unlocking new opportunities through innovative business models, new products, and services, and redefining how finance employees work. The industry's rapid transformation offers one clear lesson: organizations with a robust digital foundation can endure disruption more efficiently. Explore how your company can benefit from digital transformation, how other companies are taking advantage of the new era of fintech, and how you can create a solution unique to your fintech organization's needs. Digital Transformation— Banking and Finance Institutions [...]

Working with the Bauen Group: The 7 building blocks of your success  

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When you choose a partner for your technology project, there are plenty of things you’ll want to know:  What’s their work like?   Who have they worked with in the past?   On what kind of projects?   Tech companies devote pages and pages of their websites to answering these questions with case studies, services and solutions sections, but rarely answer this one:   What is it actually like to work with us?  This article is all about what it’s like to work with the Bauen Group: How we build your technology, and the road we take together to your solution.   Building block 1: Your insights make the best foundation  Everything we build has an aim. Whether that’s solving a business problem or seizing an opportunity, the customer is looking for [...]

5 main advantages of Power Apps in 2021

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Microsoft’s Power Apps has been around for a few years now, and the hype has been steadily growing. The platform was already popular due to the ease and speed with which users can create robust and powerful applications, but in 2020 even more organizations realized the advantages of Power Apps while they adapted to widespread disruption.   The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up many unexpected challenges for businesses. Organizations have had to roll out custom apps to accommodate remote working and to achieve business continuity. Power Apps has been invaluable in achieving this at scale, speed, and within budget.   In this blog, we propose five reasons why organizations can benefit from Power Apps in 2021 and beyond.   What is Microsoft Power Apps?  Part of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power Apps is a unique set of apps, [...]

A firm need for change: Power Apps for professional services

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For as long as the “billable hours” model has existed, professional services firms have faced the imperative to do more with less. That’s because when a client is paying for your time, they want that time (and therefore their money) to be spent as cost-effectively as possible. Otherwise, the line of thought runs, they’ll get somebody else to do the job just as well but quicker and cheaper.   In 2021, “doing more with less” hinges on your willingness and ability to drive digital transformation and adopt new game-changing tech. And because you want to be that “somebody else” – not the firm getting ditched – I’ll explore how to do that. In this case by harnessing the possibilities of low-code development [...]

Getting to Gold— How to Become a Microsoft Gold Partner

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You may come across the phrase, "As a Microsoft Gold Partner," at the end of a technology blog or find it scattered across a technology consulting website. It sounds like a nice accolade, but it does not carry much weight if the reader or customer does not know its meaning. To provide greater insight into what it means to work with a Microsoft Partner, we share all the details of how you become a partner, what type of partners are available, and the benefits of being a partner below. What is a Microsoft Gold Partner A Microsoft Certified Professional [...]

Digital transformation in healthcare: A cure for the industry?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to the already ailing healthcare industry. However, technologies such as Microsoft Power Apps hold the key to solving many of its problems, so I’d like to explore how digital transformation in healthcare has the potential to be the powerful pick-me-up healthcare needs.    First of all, though, a little background. Let’s take a look at the charts.   Recent history and prognosis Even before the pandemic, the healthcare industry was running on fumes. Healthcare costs have been steadily increasing, with quality care becoming less affordable and accessible for many patients.   These strains have been felt by healthcare professionals, too. According to 2020 research from Medscape, as much as 42% of physicians reported being burned out. And the industry has also been drowning in a rising [...]

Trending 2021— A Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

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Trends serve as a guiding light for the healthcare industry, indicating the industry's direction and highlight the technologies reshaping it. Trends help industry leaders get a better sense of what their patients need and help patients better understand what type of care is available for them. As we enter a new year, The Bauen Group wanted to take time to highlight the predicted digital healthcare trends, report on the healthcare technology ecosystem, and reflect on how far we have come. 2021 Transformative Trends in Healthcare There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has brought unimaginable changes to how [...]

The Agile Movement— What It Is and What It Is Not

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The Agile movement is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Agile is not something you buy or do; it is company culture, an approach, a mindset. It is essential to understand what it is, what it is not, its various forms, and how to implement it to adopt the agile mentality. This concept is why we created this guide to walk you through all aspects of agile so that you can build productive, customer-focused teams. What is Agile? Agile is a word used to describe various software development approaches, emphasizing gradual delivery, continual planning, team collaboration, and continual learning. The term [...]

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