Improve Employee Relationships with Power Apps

2020-11-18T20:01:27-07:00By |

Just as it is essential to create opportunities for your customers, it is just as necessary to offer new opportunities for your employees. New opportunities, tools, and resources are building blocks to creating strong employee relationships. Microsoft understands this need, especially given the current environment, and that is why they have developed tools and platforms to improve employee relationships. Let us explore how a member of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power Apps, can strengthen the employee-employer relationship in your company through custom app development. Empowering Your Employees is Important Industry leaders such as Google, Disney, and Four Seasons have many [...]

Don’t Sweat with Microsoft Dataflex

2020-08-29T17:32:49-06:00By |

Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform are continuing to shape the future of work with low-code apps to power your business. Low-code apps enable users to quickly respond to your ever-evolving business needs while creating custom solutions. The addition of Dataflex allows Teams users to have vital business data at their fingertips to build apps that address pressing problems. But what exactly does Dataflex and Dataflex Pro do, and why do some of its features sound so familiar? Microsoft Dataflex ecosystem has been rebranded as Project Oakdale by Microsoft. Read more about it here: Microsoft’s Project Oakdale: Your [...]

Microsoft and the Age of Privacy Protection in Healthcare Data

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Digital transformation is fueling revolutionary medical breakthroughs and facilitating an enhanced level of patient care. The transformation is forever changing how we conduct pertinent medical studies, build comprehensive patient care plans, and fight global pandemics, much like COVID-19. Yet, it seems as though someone is always on the other side, ready to leverage innovation for their sinister agenda. Although we like to think the best of everyone, protecting patient and practitioner health data remains the top priority. Healthcare Industry: A New Reality At the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, healthcare providers had to make a sudden shift. A push [...]

Why ROI driven companies choose Microsoft Power Automate

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If you were going to go on an expedition, you would expect that the time, money, and training you invested would produce results, whether that be a sense of pride and accomplishment, a memory, or a world record. The same goes for business expenditures. When a company decides to invest time, money, and training into Microsoft Power Automate, they may experience a return on investment (ROI) in less than three months. Users can create powerful automated workflows that allow business leaders to rest assured. Accomplish More and Do Less with Power Automate Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation [...]

The Power Automate Change: Rebranding Microsoft Flow

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Nowadays, there is a cloud service or application to do just about everything. But what good are the services if they cannot work together? Disconnected apps and services are much like a company conference call where no one says a word; you make no progress. But with Microsoft Power Automate, your apps, services, and employees can work together seamlessly. When technology and your team are talking together, you can work smarter, work less, and do more. What is Microsoft Power Automate? Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known Microsoft Flow, is one of the newest members of the Microsoft Power Platform. [...]

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