Advancing Government and Our Nation with Microsoft

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Suppose this year has taught us anything as individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments. In that case, we can make it to the other side of just about everything by working together. Responding to the various challenges this year gave us has been difficult, but it is a defining moment as we reimagine a future of transformation and innovation. In particular, the United States government has had to respond to the global pandemic's health and economic crisis, a social and racial justice movement, an unprecedented fire season, and more. To help lead the population through this turbulent time, Microsoft formed the [...]

The Agile Movement— What It Is and What It Is Not

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The Agile movement is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Agile is not something you buy or do; it is company culture, an approach, a mindset. It is essential to understand what it is, what it is not, its various forms, and how to implement it to adopt the agile mentality. This concept is why we created this guide to walk you through all aspects of agile so that you can build productive, customer-focused teams. What is Agile? Agile is a word used to describe various software development approaches, emphasizing gradual delivery, continual planning, team collaboration, and continual learning. The term "Agile" [...]

Microsoft’s Project Oakdale: Your 2020 Everyday Guide

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The different names may cause some confusion, but it is the same powerful low-code platform. In late July, Microsoft announced the release of Dataflex, now known as Project Oakdale. Project Oakdale provides relational data storage while supporting rich data types. Users can utilize Power Apps to build low-code applications for Microsoft Teams and beyond. Let us explore how Project Oakdale is helping businesses, just like yours, harness the power of customization and automation to reinvent the workplace. Getting to Know Project Oakdale The way we live and work is rapidly changing, and Microsoft launched Project Oakdale to continue to [...]

Data Sharing in the Healthcare Industry— An Overview

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Data sharing in the healthcare industry can transform patient care, health institution infrastructure, and help solve global health threats. But even though the benefits greatly outweigh the negative implications, the implementation of a connected and collaborative healthcare ecosystem is highly complex. It is necessary to explore both the benefits and challenges to successfully uncover a path forward for disease management, pandemic prevention, and a comprehensive healthcare system. Opening Closed Doors by Sharing Health Data Health data sharing allows us to gain insight that’s life-saving, cost-effective, and impactful. It is about using data effectively and transforming it into a useful resource. [...]

Don’t Sweat with Microsoft Dataflex

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Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform are continuing to shape the future of work with low-code apps to power your business. Low-code apps enable users to quickly respond to your ever-evolving business needs while creating custom solutions. The addition of Dataflex allows Teams users to have vital business data at their fingertips to build apps that address pressing problems. But what exactly does Dataflex and Dataflex Pro do, and why do some of its features sound so familiar? Microsoft Dataflex ecosystem has been rebranded as Project Oakdale by Microsoft. Read more about it here: Microsoft’s Project Oakdale: Your [...]

Your 2020 Guide to Paginated Reports in Power BI

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Data is everything. We are continually innovating new ways to collaborate, express, and share the essential pieces of information companies, like you, need to be successful. Amidst a pursuit for the perfect data presentation, Microsoft created Paginated Reports in Power BI to help you readily share information across your business in a clear, concise way. So, how can your business harness the power of paginated reports? Let us find out. What Are Paginated Reports? Paginated reports are business intelligence informs that are formatted to fit in multiple spaces and pages. They display all the data you need in a [...]

Bauen’s New Custom Healthcare Solution Saves Millions

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The amount of data generated today is staggering. The International Data Corp expects the worldwide volume of data generated annually to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025, which is a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 61 percent. Keep in mind; one zettabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes. That is a large amount of information. In the healthcare industry alone, experts estimated the value of the global Healthcare Analytics Market at USD 14 billion in 2019, and forecast it to reach USD 50.5 billion by 2024, which is a projected CAGR of 28.3 percent. Healthcare organizations find [...]

PowerApps and Power BI: The Microsoft Power Couple

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What if you could build a customized business application that connects all your data in one location? What if you could give share vital business intelligence across your company with the help of a singular application? What if you could create an app where customers could view real time information in the palm of their hand? The answer is: you can. The integration of Microsoft PowerApps and Power BI allows you and your intended audience to have greater insight on the big picture of your business, empowering you to make the most of your information. Power Up with the [...]

Power BI Heatmaps: Visualize Data and empower messages

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Look beyond pie charts, line charts, and bar graphs by presenting your data with real-time, interactive visuals. Real-time business intelligence enables leaders to make effective decisions that expand company outreach. When you create custom visuals such as a heatmap with Power BI, you paint a clear picture of what is happening within your company and your impact around the world. Bring Your Data to Life with Power BI Heatmaps Microsoft Power BI is a collection of services and apps that work together to transform massive amounts of unorganized data into clear, visually appealing, and interactive insights. Power BI allows [...]

Cybersecurity 101: Two Steps to Protect Your Small Business

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According to research, there were 80,000 cyberattacks per day or over 30 million attacks in the year 2018. It is easy to think as a small to midsize business that you would not be the typical target for cybercriminals. Still, the reality is that 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Surveys show that 70 percent of small businesses are unprepared to handle a cyberattack. The question then becomes, “Are you?” It is vital to understand the rising threat to small and midsize businesses from cybercriminals to keep your business healthy and thriving. Here are two steps you [...]

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