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Financial Performance Management

For Small Business

Is your business maximizing it’s potential?

The Bauen Group’s Financial Performance Management Team wants to help your business maximize profitability, increase efficiency and provide financial clarity to small business owners. The Bauen Group offers multiple solutions designed to meet these needs of small business owners who do not wish to hire a full-time CFO, but want to feel like they did.

Services We Offer Include:

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Business Health Assessment & Review

How much is your business worth? What areas are the most profitable?  Which areas are a drag on the business?  The Bauen Group will start the process by doing an in depth look at your company and financials to establish where you are and start the plan for where you want to go.

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Monthly or Quarterly Financial Preparation & Analysis

Once an initial overview has been conducted, The Bauen Group can provide monthly or quarterly analysis on your company’s financial statements.  This will ensure ownership understands where they are throughout the year and, perhaps more importantly, where they are going.

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Financial Consulting

In addition to the wide array of offerings listed above, The Bauen Group can assist in other ways including diligence, industry specific research, or project management. The Bauen Group is here to help guide the way to a financially successful future for your business.

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Why Partner with The Bauen Group?

At The Bauen Group we focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses. Our experience with small business enables us to work with clients in any stage of growth. From building and deploying to forecasting and planning, through optimization and implementation. This approach ensures a greater understanding of short and long-term business goals and objectives which leads to amazing results. Our emphasis is on building relationships with our clients to better understand your business or IT challenges and find the right solutions to get you to the next level.