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Increase Efficiency while Minimizing Risk with Internet Connected Monitoring Devices



Ensure food quality, regulatory compliance, and protect your valuable inventory with 24/7 fully-automated temperature monitoring protection.

Proper refrigeration is vital for preserving the quality and safety of dairy, produce, meats, eggs, and other perishable food items.

Many facilities manually monitor refrigeration systems, but it’s impossible to manually monitor equipment 24 hours a day. Even periodic monitoring is difficult to sustain. It’s expensive, labor intensive, the readings may not be accurate, and monitoring efforts are often duplicated in order to meet overlapping regulatory requirements. Operational efficiency suffers as a result, increasing the risk for non-compliance.

See how Thomas Woodard of Lariat Lodge Brewing Company used monitoring devices to ensure a smooth launch of his newest store.

Who Can Benefit?

Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores
Event Venues
Food Production
Meat Packing

Examples of How Automated Measurements Improve Your Operation

The Challenge
A restaurant owner wanted to find a way to automate temperature monitoring for their kitchen refrigerator after the refrigerator air vent became blocked by bulky food items, causing the internal temperature to spike to an unsafe temperature. The kitchen staff didn’t notice the temperature change until the following morning, but by then the food had become unsafe for consumption. The restaurant had no choice but to throw away thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

The Solution
We installed sensors in each refrigeration unit to instantly and automatically record temperatures around the clock. Notifications were set to send instant, actionable alerts to the restaurant owner and designated kitchen staff if temperatures fall out of predetermined ranges at any time. Compliance reports were scheduled so the restaurant could prove regulatory compliance at all times.

Reclaim Wasted Labor Cost

Manual Automated
# of units monitored 200 200
# of readings each day (per unit) 6 72
# of readings per month (all units) 30,000 432,000
# of minutes to check one unit 2 n/a
Avg. employee hourly rate $15.00 N/A
Monthly Cost per Device N/A $14.00
Cost per reading $0.50 $0.01

Over 12,000 Hours of Labor Reclaimed Annually
Saved over $500 per refrigerator per year
Total Savings = $146,000 per year

How Can We Help You With Your Business

Our real-time, sensor-driven solution has earned the trust of countless restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, and food production facilities as well as hospitals and pharmacies by enabling users to effortlessly monitor refrigeration systems at any time, from anywhere, and substantially improve product quality, regulatory compliance, and overall safety.

We are committed to delivering a superior monitoring solution that supports all of your needs. Here’s what you can expect once the solution has been installed.

Additional sensors for pest control, motion detection, opened and closed doors, carbon dioxide, and hundreds of other problems are available to solve your monitoring problems.


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