Fully Automated Temperature Protection Solution Saves Restaurant Thousands of Dollars

Many facilities manually monitor refrigeration systems, but it is nearly impossible to monitor equipment 24 hours a day manually. Expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive monitoring processes cause operational efficiency to suffer, resulting in an increased risk for non-compliance.

But the foodservice industry is changing rapidly. Technology is transforming the future of foodservice, helping businesses better manage each aspect of running a successful operation.

Food Service Case Study Worker on Refrigerator

Facing Challenges in Refrigeration

In the restaurant industry, proper refrigeration is vital for preserving the quality and safety of dairy, produce, meat, eggs, and other perishable food items.

It is crucial for meeting health department compliance regulations and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

The owner of Lariat Lodge Brewing Company experienced first-hand what could happen when refrigeration systems fail.
One of their refrigerator air vents got blocked by bulky food items, causing the internal temperature to spike to a dangerous level.

The kitchen staff did not notice the temperature change until the following morning, but the food was spoiled by then. Lariat Lodge had no choice but to throw away the food, costing them thousands of dollars in inventory. The owner immediately realized that they needed a way to automate temperature monitoring for the refrigerators to ensure the disaster would not happen again.

A Sensor Driven Solution

Food Services Optimization and Software by Bauen Solutions

Bauen Solutions installed sensors in each refrigeration unit to record temperatures instantly and automatically, ensuring that another refrigeration disaster would not happen again. The sensors send actionable alerts to the Lariat Lodge management team and kitchen staff if temperatures fall out of specific, predetermined ranges.

Bauen’s sensor-driven solution automatically schedules compliance reports, proving regulatory compliance always. No matter when and where the Lariat Lodge team can ensure maximum operational efficiency while simultaneously reclaiming labor costs.

Building a Solution for Your Food Service Business

Our real-time, sensor-driven solution benefits restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, convenience stores, caterers, event venues, hospitals, pharmacies, food production facilities, and meatpacking and dairy facilities. Users can effortlessly monitor refrigeration systems at any time, from anywhere, while drastically improving product quality, regulatory compliance, and safety.

At Bauen Solutions, we are committed to delivering a superior monitoring solution that supports all of your needs. When you work with us, we guarantee around the clock compliance, actionable alerts, analytics and reporting, and immediate cost savings.

Our sensor-driven solutions go beyond food service and can be utilized for pest control, motion detection, door monitoring, carbon dioxide detection, and hundreds of other problems.

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Technology is Changing the Food Service Industry

Because of the changes:

- Over 12,000 hours of labor reclaimed annually

- Savings of over $500 per refrigerator per year

- Total savings of $146,000 per year

- Owner's peace of mind = priceless

“In any new operation, I would absolutely advise getting these sensors installed in your coolers.”

—Thomas Woodard, Vice President of Operations at Lariat Lodge.

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