IoT is rapidly changing the industrial and consumer worlds. It has already changed our lives in ways we may not have even noticed. Connected machines and services are the driving force of what is considered the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’ But IoT goes beyond hardware and software; it is revolutionizing how we connect as a population.

What is the Internet of Things?

In the simplest definition of the phrase, the Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything connected to the internet. An IoT ecosystem is a network of devices and services that “talk” to one another, gathering, analyzing, and acting on the information. An array of devices and services, including sensors, smartphones, wearables, cloud-based databases, and even coffee makers and washing machines, are all a part of the intricate web of IoT technology.

The new decade is lowering cost barriers of adopting IoT technology, allowing companies to embark on digital transformation with confidence. The transition to IoT infrastructure can accelerate investment and provide more robust returns. Research shows that two-thirds of companies across various industries consider IoT crucial to their digital strategy.

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Outstanding Product Features


One of the essential features, if not the most crucial element, is connectivity. The design of an effective and efficient Internet of Things system focuses on seamless communication between devices and services. IoT ecosystems can connect elements over Radio waves, sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, and many more.


IoT ecosystems allow businesses to quickly scale up or down, depending on the current demand within your market. It is common practice to design IoT infrastructure depending upon your current and future growth projections. The ever-evolving nature of IoT enables companies to continuously expand infrastructure based on emerging innovations.


Sensors are a vital feature of a comprehensive IoT ecosystem. The sensibility of IoT infrastructure is key to efficient machine learning, automation, and AI. Sensors allow IoT to collect essential data and feedback for smarter decision making. IoT sensibility enables users to grow their capacity to observe and report on the world around us.

IoT Benefits for Your Organization

Improve Office Efficiency

The use of IoT technology within the office can improve the efficiency of employees and operations. Your team will no longer have to spend copious amounts of time on repetitive tasks so they can focus on building solutions for more complex work.

Reduce Costs and Generate Revenue

IoT is forecasted to generate an additional $344 billion in revenues and $177 billion in cost reduction just this year. By leveraging IoT solutions, your company can reduce operating costs and create new revenue opportunities. Your business can reap the savings by streamlining operations and creating modern business models and solutions.

Enhance Team Productivity

By harnessing the power of IoT, you and your team can work from anywhere, anytime. Each element of the team can collaborate effectively and complete tasks. When you create opportunities for your team to work on terms that fits their unique style, you can utilize the full strength of their bandwidth.

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

IoT enables businesses to fetch, track, observe and analyze information gathered from the internet, social media, and mobile usage. These analytics can help your company hone in on your customers’ interests. The more you streamline your sales pipeline and customize your content strategy, the more your company will cultivate brand loyalty through exceptional experiences.

What Does Bauen Solutions Do

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Bauen Solutions works side-by-side with your team to build a digital transformation roadmap that harnesses the power of IoT. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we use applications such as Windows Server IoT and Azure IoT Edge. We use real-time, sensor-driven solutions to address a plethora of monitoring and operational issues such as motion detection, carbon dioxide, temperature control, and more.

At Bauen Solutions, we are committed to delivering superior IoT solutions that support all of your unique needs. We ensure you are up to date with compliance requirements with around the clock checks. Additionally, we support your analytics and reporting needs, alerting you to actionable insights, all while driving immediate cost savings.

We guide your team through the design, deployment, management of the project and we make sure your IoT infrastructure is manageable and capable of adapting to the unique needs of your company.

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