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Working as a Professional requires vast amounts of communication, planning, and organization. You can’t do it alone. You need a partner who is certified and trained to help you leverage the best technologies for your enterprise. Contact The Bauen Group today.



The professional services market is changing at an unprecedented rate, and those with old, legacy systems and processes find themselves on the sideline. It’s time to do something about that.

Professional Service organizations are unique in the business world. Revenue creation depends solely on the execution of tasks by humans. Unfortunately, we are very inefficient animals. That’s about to change.

Technology changes over the past 5 years have impacted the Professional Services Industry as much as any other industry, if not more. More companies are creating solutions to problems you didn’t even know you have. You need a partner that can help you sift through the noise, as well as position your firm to maximize it’s potential.

Meet The Bauen Group

The Bauen Group has partnered with multiple professional services clients over the past 10 years to revolutionize their approach to managing their technology needs. Through certified partnerships with the leading technology companies in the world, The Bauen Group is the partner you need to make the difference.

Let’s get started making you great!

Professional Services Solutions

Industry specific solutions for the Professional Services Industry

Managed Solutions for Professional Services

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure – storage
  • Office 365
  • Power BI
  • Skype for Business

Professional Services

Services and Custom Development for the Professional Services Industry

Services for the Professional Services Industry

  • Mobile App Development: Xamarin
  • Custom Web Development
  • Migration
  • Project Services
  • Consulting
  • Integration


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