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Mobile Approvals & Expenses

Proovongo™ is a true mobile app designed specifically for mobile approvals on PeopleSoft systems. With screens inside PeopleSoft that allow easy configuration of mobile content, an adaptable framework that accommodates any organization’s customizations, and a self-configuring app that doesn’t require IT to get the user up and running, Proovongo is highly adaptable and highly affordable.

Mobile applications are different from simple web pages. They can do many things that mobile web pages simply cannot, such as Push Notifications. And most importantly, users overwhelmingly prefer mobile apps to web pages, increasing adoption of your mobile strategy in a BYOD world. The problem with many mobile apps is that while the content is dynamic, all users see the same type of content.


Mobile expense app

It’s a Real App

Proovongo is a real mobile app, downloaded from an app store, and able to take advantage of all the functionality of your device. Some mobile offerings are actually just web pages sized for a mobile device. While these can work for some functions, they also have significant limitations and can’t take advantage of some of the most powerful features on
mobile devices.

Mobile Expenses

Proovongo simplifies expense reporting, helping employees stay on top of their receipts and submit timely expense reports, while also helping companies tighten their expense cycles. Snap a picture of receipts from anywhere. Add receipts to your wallet right when you get them, or match receipts to existing wallet entries. Expense reports can be submitted directly from their mobile device for approvals.

One Stop for All Approvals

Many managers and executives have responsibilities across business functions. A typical Vice President has employee as well as operational and fiscal responsibilities. Mobile applications require this manager to login to multiple sites to approve the multitude of transactions. Proovongo provides a single unified interface for all approvals, in Financials, Supply Chain, and Human Resources.

Stay Connected

Web pages optimized for mobile devices are still web pages. They require an active connection to display information. Slow connections cause the pages to bog down or simply not function, causing wasted time and lost work. Proovongo is a true mobile app that works offline, with or without an active connection. When the network becomes available, it syncs with your PeopleSoft system behind the scenes so you never lose your work.

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