Why Your Small Business Needs A Professional Website

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Many small businesses run lean and think that spending money on a professional website is a luxury that they cannot afford. Because of this, many small businesses have websites that are out of date and not user friendly or opt out of a website all together. Your website acts as a first impression for your business. Customers visit it to learn more about your company, as well as research product information and determine if they want to do business with you. If you are an owner of a small business or startup, it is important you realize that a [...]

Outdated Website Design Techniques Aging Your Website

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 Having a modern website is important for how visitors view your company and brand. In fact, a Stanford study found that 75% of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site. An outdated website makes your company seem less professional and trustworthy. Wondering if your website is looking outdated? Web trends move quickly but not so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up. Here are a few design trends that will age your website. Bad stock images Stock images have been a staple of websites for a long [...]

Branding Guide for Small Business

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Having a consistent style through every contact you have with the public is something you shouldn’t underestimate the value you of, especially in small business. Using the same fonts, language, colors, etc. not only shows that your brand is established and trustworthy but it also shows potential clients that you are serious about what you do. You want your business to stand out and be noticeable in order to win people over and having a consistent brand can help a lot. Where do you start? Your Message The big picture of your message is WHO your target audience is [...]

4 Features Every Contact Page Should Have

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On most websites, the contact page is the second most visited page of the website,with the homepage being the first. Quite often though, the contact page is quickly thrown together with little thought about the content. Your second most viewed page of your website is clearly something you want to put some thought into. A correctly formatted contact page can make a big difference when it comes to conversions and getting people to take that next step of contacting you. The following is a list of best practices and things every good contact page should include. Location, Location, Location [...]

Case Study: A Brand New Online Playground for Fun Abounds

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Fun Abounds Launches Redesigned Website About Fun Abounds Fun Abounds is a commercial playground company located in Sugar Land, Texas. They specialize in creating unique and entertaining playgrounds and aquatic play areas for schools, churches, and communities. Fun Abounds had a website but it was difficult to update and needed a makeover to make it more user friendly and engaging. They wanted their website to give more information about their services and have a playful but still professional feel. Web Redesign Project Fun Abounds was looking for a website that better represented their company and the reliable reputation that [...]

Web Trends We Love and how it could empower your business

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Unlike other industries where design trends can last several years or even decades, web design is rapidly moving and what’s looked at as modern and trendy one moment can be a feature that is aging your site within a few short years. Since 2016 is coming to a close we thought it would be fun to look at web trends we currently love and examine some of the most popular trends for this and the upcoming year. CSS Animation CSS Animation is the animation you see on a website. We love this trend applied to graphics and text as [...]

3 Steps to Professional Looking Blog Graphics [For Beginners]

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You just finished writing a riveting, engaging blog post for your blog. Now all you need is a graphic that conveys that. People say a photo is worth 1,000 words and this is definitely true when it comes to social media. If you aren’t convinced you need to invest a little time into graphic creation, just look at what Hubspot said the importance of visual content: “Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.” Okay, you know the importance of blog graphics. Here is how anyone can [...]

Updated Website for Worldwide Logistics Company

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Aquaocean Transport Launches Redesigned Website About Aquaocean Transport Aquaocean Transport is a logistics company located in Houston, Texas. They specialize in freight forwarding services worldwide. Aquaocean had a website but it was difficult to update and needed a makeover to make it more user friendly and engaging. They wanted their website to give more information about their services and have a sleek, professional feel. Web Redesign Project Aquaocean was looking for a website that better represented their company and the professional reputation that they had become known for. They also were not getting many responses from the quote request [...]

Website Redesign For Houston Electrical Service Company

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Ohms Electrical Services Launches New Responsive Website About Ohms Electrical Services Ohms Electrical Services has been providing services to Houston and the surrounding areas since 1981. Specializing in all forms of electrical service, Ohms Electrical Services is a company based on customer satisfaction and dedicated to the ideal that the customer comes first. It is this ideal that has allowed Ohms Electrical Services to grow from a modest beginning to now being one of the greater Houston area’s premier electrical contracting firms. Website Redesign Project Ohms was looking for a more modern, up-to-date website that was easy to manage. [...]

Why Does Your Company Need A Content Management System?

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It wasn’t long ago when companies would need to rely on a web designer to make updates to their websites. Unfortunately, many small businesses still believe they need to pay a web designer to make even the smallest edits. With the introduction of a CMS (Content Management System), however, this is no longer necessary. A CMS makes it possible for people with no coding experience to make changes to content easily and quickly. In addition, CMS's come with many other features that companies can benefit from. First things first, what is a CMS? A content management system is an [...]