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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We’re an independent technology firm focused on innovation.

From day one, we have seen the power technology and design have to change business. We have learned that the core to innovation is understanding the problem you’re trying to solve. So we dig deeper with our clients to offer insight, strategy, design, technology and mobile innovation and emerging technologies to transform the way you do business.

We’re driven by innovation, rooted in technology.

Industries We Serve

Sometimes a little extra knowledge and experience can go a long way.

Food Services

Restaurants, Cafeterias, and other Food Services businesses are fast-paced operations that must run lean operations to remain competitive, all while maintaining high quality standards under regulatory scrutiny. While many restaurants strive to maintain their equipment and records according to standards, sometimes these things slip in a fast-paced, demanding workplace.

Today many national brands are being tarnished by poor food safety practices, often caused by poor temperature maintenance. The Bauen Group provides technology solutions to help restaurants maintain compliance, reduce operational risk, and reclaim precious hours of labor each day.

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From regulation to technology, you're struggling to keep up the changes in healthcare. We are helping organizations like yours to stay in front of these changes and grow their practices in the process. By leveraging the latest in communication platforms, digital storage, business intelligence and analytics, all while remaining HIPAA-compliant, The Bauen Group is the partner you need in your corner.

The healthcare market is being asked to change by consumers, regulators, suppliers, and competitive forces. How are you managing the technology your practice utilizes to run your business?

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Professional Services

To be successful in your career requires vast amounts of communication, planning, and organization. To stay on top of this requires time and effort, but what if you had a partner that is with you every step of the way?

The Bauen Group has experience working with Architectural, Engineering, Accounting, and Legal organizations, and with certifications from the leading technology providers, you can be comforted knowing that we will bring the right solutions for your business.

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The Bauen Group enables your team to be their best through COLLABORATION. Leveraging technology, you can allow your team to improve their communication with suppliers, effectively manage people and equipment in the field, and create a more profitable operation. See how you can make a difference.

The energy industry is changing at an unprecedented rate, and those with old, legacy systems and processes find themselves on the sideline. It’s time to do something about that.

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Technology Expertise that can help your organization at a Strategic Level

Cloud & Enterprise Applications

IT executives like yourself face rapidly-changing business requirements — and need a platform that can handle the changes. That’s why you look to the cloud. It lets you quickly build, test, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centers. Using platforms including Azure and Dynamics 365, we help you identify and meet your cloud goals, whether it’s cost-effective storage, scalability, or disaster recovery security.

Today, you must look at the larger picture and offerings within the cloud to deliver efficiency to the business. We are here to support your migrations and deployment to the cloud – with a key focus on efficiency and transformation. We will partner with your team to design and implement a cloud governance model that will deliver not only the services critical to your business but also ensure you follow your guidelines and best practices. Whether for compliance, chargeback or simply to ensure streamlined operations the implementation of governance in your cloud deployment is critical to future success.

According to a report from Microsoft, 80% of the Fortune 500 is running on the Microsoft Cloud. We can help you achieve competitive advantage using cloud infrastructure, including BPOS, exchange hosting and enterprise infrastructure as code solutions on Azure. Our experience assisting enterprise transformation can be your greatest asset as you embark upon a migration. The Bauen Group’s engagement process provides a focused workshop-based approach to ensuring the tasks and approach are right-sized and properly planned for your future state goals.

Working in the cloud gives you application development that is 55% faster, on-demand scalability, simplified self-service, and a global reach without a global investment. Using cloud infrastructure, we can transform your IT infrastructure while evolving your IT operations and transforming the way you do business.

Supporting Technology Partners

We are a rapidly growing Microsoft Gold partner with offices in Texas, Colorado, and Illinois. Our approach to the Cloud and related infrastructure helps companies transform the way they do business by leveraging cutting edge solutions in Azure, Dynamics, and the Microsoft Power Platform. We also provide planning and migrations services for Office 365. With the depth and breadth of solutions our team has created and delivered we can help elevate your business to the next level.

Our Services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Dynamics 365 / CRM Online
  • Dynamics Business Central
  • Cognitive Services
  • Azure AD (Active Directory)
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Docker on Azure
  • Azure Storage
  • Business Intelligence
  • C#/.NET Development
  • Azure SQL
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Azure Batch
  • Microservices and Serverless Computing
  • Application Containerization
  • Linux on Azure
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Amazon RDS
  • Xamarin Development
  • Scala Development

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Critical marketing and IT decisions shouldn’t be made without a deep understanding of your customer’s experience — what defines it and what affects it. That’s what you’ll get from Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics. At The Bauen Group, we help you harness the power of internal and external data to enhance operational performance, productivity and profitability. We help you integrate disparate data sources to deliver real-time information to executives, operational managers, and customer engagement teams, and we provide solutions for how to act on a strategic analysis of your data.

We work with you to create roadmaps with priorities based on business value and technical effort, using our proven process that can be completed within a few weeks. Our experienced designers and developers create solutions to enhance, implement and maintain your BI and analytics dashboards. We are Microsoft Power BI specialists who can partner with your IT and business stakeholders to develop an appropriate data architecture, governance and end-user adoption strategy to support an enterprise Microsoft Power BI deployment.

Our team of business analysts will create a framework that is focused on optimization. We develop an agile implementation of BI and analytics solutions quickly that will help you grow your business experiences for your employees and customers.

Our Services

  • Analytics and Audience Audits
  • Architecture and Governance
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehousing
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Planning and Road Mapping
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Web Analytics Insights and Optimizations

Productivity & Collaboration

Your people are the lifeblood of your organization, what if you could give them a workplace solution that enables them to do their best work? By providing your team a modern Digital Workspace solution, you can enable your employees to work more efficiently, better serve your customers, experience higher levels of engagement, gain quicker access to critical information, and leverage state of the art tools. In other words, instead of forcing your people to deal with antiquated systems, slogging through tons of email and digging through outdated information, you’ll enable your workforce to focus on the work they love to do.

Whether you’re coming from an antiquated Intranet that desperately needs a modernization, or looking squarely into a large migration from a legacy platform,  we can help accelerate your success. We bring a well-balanced mix of user experience design capabilities, strong project management resources, deep technology expertise, unique and proven user research approaches, and effective governance and training methodologies to your solution. With a history of thought leadership and innovation, our team delivers high-quality solutions that address complex challenges.

Our Services

  • Change Management
  • Digital Roadmaps
  • Digital Workplace Implementation
  • Intranet Migrations
  • Intranet Redesign and Modernization
  • Managed Services
  • Office 365 Deployment Strategy and Execution
  • User-Centered Design

Website Development & Design

Your website remains one of the most cost-effective methods of interacting with customers, serving their needs and providing global sales capabilities 24-hours a day, every day. Customer expectations are constantly evolving, demanding more from their site experience. Intuitive design, fun storytelling and compelling, contextual content are important. And meeting these expectations increasingly requires having specialty experts like user experience designers, interaction designers, information architects, developers, digital strategy experts and many more.

With an international team and hundreds of successful site launches in our portfolio, we will create a site solution that helps you reach more customers and transform your business. Our web development process is geared toward an intuitive experience for users. We create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

Our Services

  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce (WooCommerce, Magento)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • API Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

Mobile App Design & Development

Technology today enables us to take our office with us where ever we go. Legacy systems used to be the hurdle that prevented companies from moving their enterprise to the mobile world. Not any more. We at the Bauen Group specialize in providing mobile solutions to enterprises who want to move their operation outside of the 4-walls. Our team of analysts and developers can help you architect a solution that will not only give you that flexibility, but will enable you to set a new growth trajectory for your business.

We use our expertise in a variety of technologies to craft code that opens the door for ongoing iterations with our clients’ users. Our teams ensure a build with the foundation for success. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Our Services

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Mobile App Development

About Us

Who is The Bauen Group?


Our design and developer team here at the Bauen Group believes in accelerating project success through process and collaboration. Every project and client are unique. Whether it be an app development project, redesign of an existing website into a more professional and modern design, or creating a completely new site, we work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Within this project management philosophy, the steps include Discovery, Design, Development, and Deployment phases. Our approach with you will be one of constant communication and feedback as we work towards the finished product. We will meet with you to discuss your vision for the app or website. Become familiar with your brand and the trends within your industry. Our team has experience working with small to midsize companies like yours to help you develop and grow your online and mobile presence.


We strive to create solutions that will transform a company. These transformations allow our customer companies to positively impact their customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

There is no silver bullet to any problem, but rather many small lead bullets. We will constantly test and improve, because in order to grow, you must break down the former foundation that is now a constraint.

The word partner is overused today, but we see any relationship we have with clients as a true partnership: mutual commitment toward a common goal.

We approach every engagement open-minded with multiple possible solutions. Our people will be prepared, respectful, professional, and ready to create innovative solutions for our clients. We will be open in our communication, and most importantly, we will deliver on our commitments.

  • Be Respectful: We treat others the way we want to be treated
  • Be Bold: Try new things – Consider the risk and act
  • Be Trusting & Honest: When communicating with clients, employees & partners have integrity in all you do
  • Be A Good Teammate: There is mutual benefit in all we do – in success and difficult times
  • Be Humble: Diversity of ideas allow for accelerated and greater growth.
  • Be The Best: Take pride in all you do
  • Give Back: Support the community, employees, and industries where we operate
  • Have Fun: Enjoy the journey – it makes the work and the accomplishments much more rewarding

Who We Partner With

The company you keep is as important as the service you provide. We pride ourselves on the partners in our network, and we strive to continue to seek out the best-in-class solutions for our customers.

We have strong relationships with the world’s leading software innovators. They pick us for our tech expertise, putting our tech skills and imaginations to the test, helping us implement state-of-the-art platform solutions with experienced, certified professionals.

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