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Cloud computing is no longer a novel concept. Business requirements are changing rapidly, and a platform as dynamic as your company is necessary. Cloud applications are not only for those who need to store sensitive information and mass amounts of data. It is for those who are ready to be competitive in their industry, and want to enhance their performance.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from hosting their applications on the cloud. The cloud can modernize your current infrastructure and position your business to grow by adapting to the rise and fall of demand rapidly. The cloud is paving the way for digital transformation in your industry and our daily lives.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud refers to servers that are accessed using the Internet. Cloud servers are in data centers all over the world. The data centers are not necessarily a physical entity but an extensive network of remote servers operating as a single ecosystem. The cloud servers are designed to store and manage data, run applications, or deliver a service such as video streaming, webmail, office productivity software, or even social media.

The cloud enables individuals and companies to work without a direct connection to their physical server. Information stored on the cloud is accessible anywhere you go, and whenever you need it. Businesses may use different cloud software and services to deploy these resources, such as a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud.

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How the Bauen Group can help with the Cloud migration

Cloud Technology - What does Bauen Solutions do

Bauen Solutions helps you look at the bigger picture and explains the different cloud offerings that would best suit your business. You can work side-by-side with our team to design and implement a cloud governance model that will deliver services critical to the operation of your business. Lean on us for support on cloud migration, application development, and implementation services.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bauen Solutions uses the Microsoft Azure platform to help you achieve your competitive edge. According to a report from Microsoft, 95% of the fortune 500 is running on the Microsoft Cloud. Through a workshop-based approach, we ensure an adequately planned process to help you reach your business goals.

Cloud Management Benefits For Your Organization

Increased Agility

Enterprise cloud applications allow you to respond to your business needs quickly. Apps can be updated, tested, and deployed in a timely fashion providing you with a much faster time to market and business agility.

Lower Operation Costs

Cloud-based applications can be much less expensive to operate and maintain when compared to on-premise data centers.

Trusted Data Security

Data stored on cloud platforms is subject to security regulations and compliance with industry standards. Cloud providers often hire security experts to implement infrastructure security measures.

Lowered Cost of Ownership

Research shows that by implementing Power BI, the cost of ownership is lowered by 25.7% with a total-risk adjusted saving in effort over three years of $4.9 million.

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FAQs – Frequenly Answered Questions About Cloud Technology

What is cloud application security?

Cloud application security is a group of policies, processes, controls, and technology that oversees all information exchanges.

What is cloud application development?

Cloud application development is the process of building an app that runs in the cloud. Cloud application development is a metered process that encourages collaboration and is backed by increased security protocols.

What is enterprise cloud computing?

Enterprise cloud computing refers to virtual IT processes that can be accessed remotely. If you’re looking for enterprise-level cloud services & consulting, we’re more than happy to help and discuss your needs.

What is the difference between cloud storage and cloud computing?

Cloud storage allows you to store data on the Internet. Cloud computing is a collaborative service with higher processing power and can run various cloud applications.

How is Microsoft Azure used?

It is used for analytics, virtual computing, storage, and networking. Its solutions include infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Which companies use Microsoft Azure?

Some of the most publicly known companies that use the Microsoft Azure Platform are Pixar, Apple iCloud, Samsung, eBay, and Boeing.

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