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Using advanced data and analytics to help you grow your business.


Technology for the Office and the Field

  • Updating Outdated Equipment – are your servers up to date?  Operating out of date systems is like driving the wrong way down the highway without headlights or insurance!  With many popular server products such as Windows Server and SQL Server reaching end of life, now is the time to update your systems to prevent critical failures in the future.
  • Cloud Migrations – when it comes time to update new equipment, why not take a look at the opportunities the cloud has to offer?  While a lot of people try to perform a cost analysis comparing hardware to the cloud, they aren’t factoring all the built in additional technologies that become available once you have moved to the cloud.  We can help you see the whole picture and help you determine if the cloud is right for you.
  • Moving beyond Quickbooks – your growing company needs technology to stay on top.  By the time you think it might be time to move beyond the Quickbooks you started with, it is probably well past that time.  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the right path forward.
  • Connected Field Devices – Data is critical to any decision maker and out in the field the Internet of Things (IoT) as they call it is the way to get the most up to date data possible.  Whether its custom mobile applications, remote data collection, or device sensor integration, we can help you bring that data together so you can make critical decisions with confidence.


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