How technology has revolutionized the professional services industry

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Professional service organizations are unique. Revenue depends solely on the execution of tasks by humans. Profitability depends on our efficiency, productivity, and bandwidth. Unfortunately, even the most complex humans are relatively inefficient.

That is about to change.

The professional services market is changing at a revolutionary rate, and those with traditional systems find themselves miles behind the curve. It is time to meet technology face-to-face and transform.

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Advances in technology impact the professional services industry as much as any other industry, if not more. Companies are creating solutions to problems you did not even know you have. There may be interagency resistance when transitioning from traditional practices that have always ‘worked’ to new, unfamiliar solutions. Still, the research shows it is in the best interest of your team and your company.

According to recent studies, AI augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally by 2021. AI augmentation does not mean robots are stealing jobs. It means humans are working with artificial intelligence, in a human-centric approach, to enhance cognitive performance.

AI and automation are not the only advancements changing the professional services industry. Cloud computing technology is vital in transforming your business into a collaborative and innovative atmosphere. Additionally, your team can easily and securely access and share data within the cloud.

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Benefits For All Role


Digitalization allows management to focus on the bigger picture. Rather than spending time, energy, and money on overseeing tasks, compliance requirements, and reporting, management can harness the power of advanced technology to free more mental and physical bandwidth. The newfound resources can be invested back into the company in areas that need the attention to flourish.


Revenue growth is the driving force in the professional services industry. The higher the profitability, the more people you can serve. Stakeholders, investors, and leadership depend on accurate and comprehensive financial insight to drive efficient decision making. New tools in technology can automate tasks and analyze information for accountants, allowing them to paint a clear picture of the financial standing of the enterprise.

Staff Members

New tools in technology encourage staff members to be more productive, efficient and empowered. Lack of proper technology can more than hinder productivity and kill confidence. It can cost your business more than you think. An investment in new technology can lead to higher revenues and free up your team to be more creative.

Project Managers

Keeping projects on the correct trajectory, managing various clients, completing tedious manual tasks, and overseeing teams of multiple staff members; these are just a few of the responsibilities of a project manager in the professional services industry. Digitalization enables your project managers to spend more time interacting with the team and less time glued behind their desk, digging for information, sending files, and updating processes.

What Does Bauen Solutions Do

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Bauen Solutions has partnered with companies in the professional services industry for over the past ten years to revolutionize their approach to managing their technology needs. In an industry that is continuously evolving, Bauen Solutions will partner with you to help you sift through the noise and position your firm to maximize its potential.

We believe every client and every project is unique. Together, we design a roadmap explicitly tailored to help you emphasize your strengths and support any gaps within your operations. Our team has extensive experience understanding the success of transformation depends on how well organizations adopt new processes.

Through certified partnerships with the leading technology companies in the world, Bauen Solutions helps you leverage the best technologies for your enterprise. We work side-by-side with your team to identify, implement, and manage services that help you reach your goals.

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