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DSRIP is transforming healthcare by promoting value-based care. Improve your patient outcomes with our award-winning analytics solutions.



Healthcare providers are being asked to show positive outcomes to receive payment. What if you could establish a baseline of performance then show how you are improving over time?

State Medicaid Transformation Waivers represent a major resource in reshaping the delivery of health care in communities across the states. Hospitals are collaborating with providers of all types to implement ways to make health care more effective and efficient. Each region has unique needs and challenges, and projects are developed to meet local needs.

With Bauen Health (a division of The Bauen Group), you receive proven, out of the box solutions that are designed for the healthcare industry. You are able to establish a baseline of performance then show how you are improving over time.  You are able to easily see your targets and if you are falling short. This will allow you to quickly adjust and enable the best patient experience possible.

The Bauen Group has partnered with major healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes through the effective use of technology. Let us help you today.

Examples of How to Improve DSRIP Reporting & Analytics

  • Asthma Coalition – community-wide effort with Department of School Health, physician practices, hospitals and MCOs to improve asthma outcomes in school age children
  • Diabetes Management – focus on improved HEDIS and patient outcomes for short and long term complications of diabetes
  • Behavioral Health – community-wide effort with hospitals, behavioral health providers, physician practices, and CBOs to improve health outcomes for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders
  • Readmission Reduction – ongoing efforts with nursing homes, home care agencies, and hospitals to reduce hospital transfer rates and readmissions
  • Improve Access to Primary and Preventive Care for adults and children as evidenced by gaps seen in previous performance

Who Can Benefit?

Home Care Agencies
Behavioral Health Providers
Community Based Organizations
Hospice Providers
Managed Care Organizations
Primary Care Physicians
Population Health Practices
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Skilled Nursing Facilities

What Do We Do?

We provide solutions that help you manage your outcome based performance against benchmarks. We give you the tools to identify categories that are performing well, as well as those that might need attention. Ultimately, you are able to focus on what you do best: Providing the best patient care possible.


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