How technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry

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Leaders in the healthcare industry are using advanced technology to create solutions to all aspects of healthcare, from the cloud computing, symptom checking and triage to fraud prevention and beyond. Digitalization goes beyond wearables or analytical systems. By harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, healthcare and research facilities can uncover medical breakthroughs, find clinical and operational efficiencies, and deliver personalized patient care.

State Medicaid Transformation Waivers represent a major resource in reshaping the delivery of health care in communities across the states. Hospitals are collaborating with providers of all types to implement ways to make health care more effective and efficient. Each region has unique needs and challenges, and projects are developed to meet local needs.

Digital healthcare: Better approaches and outcomes

Healthcare costs are increasing, making quality care less affordable and less accessible. Research estimates physician burnout at approximately 42 percent, and the healthcare industry is drowning in data. This can be solved with the help of healthcare business intelligence, remote monitoring solutions, telemedicine, and interactive dashboards that are all a part of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

IoT in the healthcare industry is increasing the accessibility and affordability of diagnostics, treatment, and preventive care while dramatically reducing the costs. Studies show that the IoT healthcare market may grow from 41.22 billion USD in 2017 to 265 billion USD by 2025.

There are two reasons the IoT healthcare market may grow so drastically. First, IoT can save US healthcare $300 billion, with two-thirds going to chronic disease management. Remote monitoring and treatment cut the need for expensive hospital stays and physician visits. Second, IoT sensors can significantly improve patient care and streamline operations.

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Healthcare & Technology Benefits


By harnessing the power of digitalization, healthcare management can modernize environments while reducing costs, scaling the mission, and improving performance. Healthcare digital transformation can simplify compliance management and security controls. Additionally, it can drive positive public relations due to less wait time, better service, enticing innovation.

Staff Members

Harness the power of technology to optimize operations, resources, and time allocations to reduce expenses over time, optimize staffing, and empower your care team. An efficient healthcare system can substantially improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.


Accountants at hospitals, insurance companies, private facilities, and research institutions oversee a lucrative, yet sensitive system. The plethora of insurance plans, types of coverage, and sources of funding create an intricate web of finance requirements. Digitalization can support healthcare accountants by automating billing and reporting.

Project Managers

Those who oversee large projects can leverage digital transformation to open the door to more possibilities. Technology provides project managers with a more comprehensive tool kit, providing innovative solutions that solve the world's most difficult medical obstacles.

How the Bauen Group can help with healthcare digital transformation?

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Bauen Solutions provides solutions that help you manage your outcome-based performance while driving improved patient care. We work directly with you and your team to build a roadmap that identifies categories that are performing well, as well as those that might need attention.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bauen Solutions leverages a comprehensive set of tools that give you a 360-degree view of your operational performance. We utilize geo-mapping, performance dashboards, and site performance analytics to meet the unique needs of your institution. This is so you can ultimately focus on what you do best: Providing the best patient care possible.

With our products, you are able to easily see your targets and where you are falling short on a daily basis, not just when it’s time to report. This will allow you to quickly adjust and enable the best patient experience possible.

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