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About Us

Who is The Bauen Group?


Our design and developer team here at the Bauen Group believes in accelerating project success through process and collaboration. Every project and client are unique. Whether it be an app development project, redesign of an existing website into a more professional and modern design, or creating a completely new site, we work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Within this project management philosophy, the steps include Discovery, Design, Development, and Deployment phases. Our approach with you will be one of constant communication and feedback as we work towards the finished product. We will meet with you to discuss your vision for the app or website. Become familiar with your brand and the trends within your industry. Our team has experience working with small to midsize companies like yours to help you develop and grow your online and mobile presence.


We strive to create solutions that will transform a company. These transformations allow our customer companies to positively impact their customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

There is no silver bullet to any problem, but rather many small lead bullets. We will constantly test and improve, because in order to grow, you must break down the former foundation that is now a constraint.

The word partner is overused today, but we see any relationship we have with clients as a true partnership: mutual commitment toward a common goal.

We approach every engagement open-minded with multiple possible solutions. Our people will be prepared, respectful, professional, and ready to create innovative solutions for our clients. We will be open in our communication, and most importantly, we will deliver on our commitments.

  • Be Respectful: We treat others the way we want to be treated
  • Be Bold: Try new things – Consider the risk and act
  • Be Trusting & Honest: When communicating with clients, employees & partners have integrity in all you do
  • Be A Good Teammate: There is mutual benefit in all we do – in success and difficult times
  • Be Humble: Diversity of ideas allow for accelerated and greater growth.
  • Be The Best: Take pride in all you do
  • Give Back: Support the community, employees, and industries where we operate
  • Have Fun: Enjoy the journey – it makes the work and the accomplishments much more rewarding

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