When humans connect, we create groundbreaking innovations, we solve complex problems, and we mitigate disasters. A network is a powerful force, so why not be sure your business applications and services are working together? With Microsoft Power Automate, your services, apps, and employees can connect effortlessly. When technology and your team are running together, you can work smarter, not harder.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation engine that focuses on Business Process Management (BPM), the ability to optimize, automate, and enhance traditional business processes.

With Power Automate, your team can streamline time-consuming tasks and paperless processes by connecting all your favorite apps and services.

Power Automate was not always a member of the Microsoft Power Platform. In 2019, Microsoft rebranded Flow as Power Automate to better align with the other Power Platform products.

Additionally, Microsoft updated the software by adding new capabilities and features to improve upon the original business process flows in Flow.

Building processes and automations in the cloud. Create cloud flows when you want your automation to be triggered automatically, instantly, or via a schedule.
Use desktop flows to automate tasks on the web or the desktop. Create robotic process automation to automate digital tasks.

Integration with Azure data factory to build and scale business processes with virtual machines.
Building a connector when a pre-built one doesn’t exist with custom connectors. Create and share a connector with its own triggers and actions.

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Three First-Class Product Features

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an essential feature that addresses the challenge of digitizing pen and paper processes. Microsoft Power Automate uses RPA to simplify end-to-end scenarios by leveraging a unified automation platform. You can connect API-based automation with UI-based automation, otherwise known as Power Automate UI Flows.

Power Virtual Agents Tool

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables anyone to build a no-code, no-AI-experience required intelligent bot. This feature allows subject-matter experts such as those in marketing, finance, sales, customer service, and HR to create virtual agents that improve their workflow capabilities. It combines Power Platform Technology with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Common Data Service

The Common Data Service within the Power Automate Platform allows users to create a flow to import data, export data, or act on top of data. This integration is not a full synchronization service but will enable you to move data in and out on a per-entry basis. For example, you can create an approval loop for emails where users can approve and reject items.

Power Automate Benefits for Your Company

Amplify Productivity

With Power Automate, your team can reduce time-consuming tasks by creating time-saving workflows. You can create workflows for everything, including individual jobs and scalable systems. Power Automate helps your company improve organization, save time, and work more effectively by automating tasks that take up unnecessary time and inhibit growth.

Workflows That Work for You

Users can automate time-consuming tasks with built-in AI capabilities that empower you to capitalize on high-value opportunities. You can choose from a variety of templates that you can tailor to meet your specific workflow needs. Choose your favorite flow and use more than 150 data sources.

Quickly Automate— At Scale

Everyone in your organization can have the power to build secure, no-code-needed workflows. With the user-friendly Power Automate platform, users can create the workflows necessary to scale operations, or your business, quickly and easily. The adaptable, yet secure nature of the Power Automate platform fuels the innovation essential to growing your business.

Efficiency and Collaboration

With Power Automate, your team can easily share files by creating flows that copy data from one source to another and connect applications. By leveraging the integration capabilities, users can combine the Common Data Service and Power Automate to store and manage data used by business apps.

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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bauen Solutions leverages the full spectrum of the Microsoft Power Platform, using Power Automate as the glue that connects each brilliant feature. We work side-by-side with your team to establish business process automation and workflows that enhance your strengths and close productivity gaps.

Bauen Solutions is ready to support your team through every step in the transformation process, from the beginning to the end and beyond.

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