With 94 percent of business buyers doing some form of online research (according to a 2014 Procurement study) your company’s web presence is something you need to prioritize.  Outdated website design can do more than just turning off potential customers. It can hurt your company’s reputation and negatively affect your search rankings. It’s important to do a website redesign every few years to keep your company’s image professional and relevant. How often you do a redesign depends on several factors. The checklist below can help you decide if it is time to get the remodel processes started.

The website is a few years old and the design is outdated

If you are looking at your website wondering if your customers can tell it’s been years since you touched it, they can.  According to a cross-platform report from Nielsen, the average person spends 14 hours a week online, either on a PC or on their Phones. They have seen up-to-date sites and notice the difference in those that are not. Like it or not the appearance of your website directly affects how they see your company and brand.

Difficult or confusing navigation

If your website is set up in a confusing way or it has slow navigation it is time to make a change. Customers will get frustrated if they can not quickly find what they are looking for on your site. They will leave and may not come back.

Poor SEO

Search engines can also tell if you have an outdated site and they will hold that against you when they rank you. Search engines know people like to look at sites that are visually pleasing and full of up-to-date relevant content. If your site doesn’t fit this criterion you will find yourself with a poor search ranking.

The website isn’t delivering qualified leads or generating revenue

If you aren’t seeing results from your website it is a sign that it is time to update. What is your goal? Increase sales? Highly quality leads? If your site is up-to-date and functioning correctly it should be doing these things.

Search engines can tell when your site was last updated and it holds it against you if it is not updated regularly. Websites with built-in content management systems are easy, with a small amount of training for staff to update themselves. Better yet adding and maintaining a blog regularly can really increase your search ratings.

Why Partner with The Bauen Group?

The Bauen Group is a full-service tech and digital marketing company with services including mobile app and website development based in Houston, Texas. We focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses. The websites are built in a user-friendly content management systems making it easy for your team to make updates or maintain a company blog. Our team focuses on your brand’s personality to create a professional, modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused website or mobile app that is structured to build brand loyalty and growing your market.