The world’s leading organizations prioritize being agile and adaptable to change. This is how they overcome market fluctuations, develop disruptive innovations, and continue to grow. In the age of the cloud and remote working, digital transformation strategies are created with agility at their core.

This is where Microsoft Power Apps, the leading low-code business application development solution can play a major part in your organization’s strategy. Today, we’ll explain why low-code matters and why business application development with Power Apps can take your organization to the next level. We’ll also outline the advantage of the integration of Power Apps and Azure Services for your business.

Speed matters

It is speed, agility, and adaptability that set businesses apart. This was starkly demonstrated at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued disruption that followed. Organizations that relied heavily on on-premises environments had to shift to the cloud in record time.

The shift involved procuring devices and rolling out custom applications to facilitate remote working. Speed was of the essence. But the trend to remote working had been gaining traction before this. Even without the pandemic, we would have been moving towards a scenario where the agility, scalability, and flexibility that come with the cloud are a necessity.

It means digital transformation should involve building cloud-based applications that are quick to value. They must also be easy to deploy, adopt, use, manage, secure, evolve, and add further customization too. That way, you have full control and can tailor your business applications to meet your unique requirements.

So, quick, easy, and value-adding… is that too much to ask? Not with Microsoft’s Power Apps and its low-code capabilities. In fact, the combination of business application development with Power Apps and Azure Services provides your employees with a powerful but simple toolkit to build the modern workplace.

Power Apps: a low-code hero

Power Apps is quickly becoming the blockbuster draw in the Microsoft ecosystem. This is because it combines powerful application development tools and a low-code approach.

Low- and no-code solutions allow non-developers without technical expertise to build applications quickly and easily. This way the burden of digital transformation can be shared around the organization. It is no longer the sole remit of IT. The result is that digital transformation projects are smaller in scope and more targeted.

This allows your organization to turbocharge digital transformation. In the past, IT projects would often be costly and time-consuming, taking years to complete rather than months or weeks. This kind of time frame no longer cuts it.

Low-code tools empower line of business employees to take ownership of digital transformation. Their in-depth knowledge of their own processes, targets, and outcomes means that they can identify where technology investment can make the biggest impact for them and provide the greatest value. Business application development with Power Apps can facilitate this.

Azure services and Power Apps

First of all, what is Microsoft Azure? It’s a set of services that provide the full range of cloud computing capabilities. By combining Azure services, such as compute, analytics, storage, and networking, Microsoft Azure provides everything you need to run your organization in the cloud.

PowerApps can help you get up and running quickly and can unleash digital transformation across the organization. Through targeted campaigns and quick wins, Power Apps can drive enthusiasm for digital transformation. But depending on the size of your organization and the goals you are aiming to achieve, you may need Azure services to allow you to take this success further. This is certainly the case if you are looking to scale at an enterprise level.

Whether it’s app lifecycle management, gaining real-time insights from advanced analytics, or infusing your applications with artificial intelligence, Azure services can help your business achieve more. The advantage of the integration of Power Apps and Azure Services for your business is that these solutions are built to work together by Microsoft – making the journey to a cloud-based, agile, value-adding workplace easier to realize than ever before.

Business application development with Power Apps and Azure services

At The Bauen Group our goal is to help you identify your goals and vision for digital transformation, and then to design and implement a cloud infrastructure that takes your business to the next level. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can leverage Power Apps and the Azure platform to help you gain a competitive edge.

Our experts and technicians are ready to support your team during cloud application development, the migration and deployment process allowing you to get more from business application development with Power Apps. We use a proven, workshop-based approach to help you build a Power Apps and Azure combination that enables you to reach your business goals.

To learn more about business application development with Power Apps and the advantage of integration of PowerApps and Azure, get in contact with the team at the Bauen Group today.