The Internet of Things (IoT) has been lauded in technology circles for some time now, but many organizations have yet to realize its potential. Let’s look at how Microsoft’s revolutionary low-code Power Platform provides some of the fastest, simplest, and cost-effective ways to start exploring and harnessing the advantages of the Internet of Things.

What is IoT?

“In the simplest definition of the phrase, the Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything connected to the internet.”

This is our top-level definition of IoT on The Bauen Group’s IoT webpage. As definitions go, it’s throwing the net out pretty wide, but this doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. In fact, it’s what’s so great about IoT. There are almost limitless opportunities to leverage IoT to help your organization operate more efficiently.

Perhaps it’s best to think of IoT as all of the devices, PCs, smartphones, wearables, sensors, and cloud-based databases that you have connected to your network. An IoT ecosystem is all of these “talking” to each other. By talking, we mean gathering, analyzing, and acting on the data they generate. What’s more, you can add IoT sensors to transform almost any object into a functioning IoT device.

To illustrate this, think of a wind turbine. IoT sensors can measure the performance or maintenance levels of the rotor. If an anomaly is detected, the rotor can be stopped before it malfunctions, and therefore receive maintenance before it causes downtime.

As cities and workplaces become smart cities and smart workplaces, this kind of technology is being built into everything. At home, this includes coffee makers, TVs, and washing machines. At work, it might include previously innocuous items like the lights, heaters, or air conditioning units, which can all be supercharged with IoT sensors to maintain costs and improve sustainability. The possibilities are vast and are there waiting, ready for you to realize the potential.

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Unlock the advantages of the Internet of Things

There are many advantages of Internet of Things solutions. By gathering, analyzing, and acting upon the data generated by your network of IoT devices, you can gain insights on every aspect of how your organization functions. With this data you can figure out how to:

  • Improve efficiency in the office
  • Enhance team productivity
  • Reduce costs and generate revenue
  • Create exceptional customer experiences

The problem is: how do you go about making it a reality? For starters, you need to set it up. You need to enable your systems to be connected efficiently, so IoT data is stored in the right place in the right way at the right time. You need to lay the foundations in terms of IT infrastructure to make sure it is scalable and adaptable to change.

Then, if you get all this working, you will soon be inundated with data. The more successful your IoT initiatives are, the more data. Unless you have the resources and capabilities to turn this data into actionable insights, then unfortunately big data could be a big waste of time.

IoT development with low-code platforms

Microsoft’s Power Platform allows organizations to build custom applications, automate workflows, and optimize advanced analytics in order to leverage IoT. It’s packed with everything you need to set up and manage IoT. But its key value is its low-code functionality, which can empower all business users, including those without specialist IT and developer expertise, to take the lead on digital transformation projects.

IoT is a great example for where low-code tools can really make a difference. One of the key barriers to IoT success is not knowing where to start. Also, not knowing which areas of the business are ripe for IoT investment. It can be hard for IT departments or the C-suite to identify areas for investment. But line of business employees know exactly where value can be added through the Internet of Things. The ease of use, familiar interfaces, and range of functionality can help them get involved and direct the change they want to see.

IoT implementation the easy way

It’s time to embrace IoT technologies. With low-code tools like the Power Platform and Microsoft’s IoT solutions, it’s easier than ever. At The Bauen Group, we can help you maximize your investment in IoT. Our approach prioritizes three areas:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Scalability
  3. Sensibility

Although easier than ever, IoT development with low-code platforms is not quite as easy as simply handing out sensors and a Power Platform login. But working with the right partner, like The Bauen Group, can help you get started, train up your staff, and build the right strategy to make sure your IoT projects are a big success.

We will work closely with your teams to make sure we understand how your organization operates. This way we can ensure that any IoT implementation is fully aligned with your organization’s unique goals.

To learn more about unlocking the advantages of Internet of Things solutions at your organization and how IoT development with low-code platforms can help maximize your success with IoT implementation, get in touch with the Bauen Group team today.