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Technical Consulting

For Small Business

Are your systems slowing you down?

The Bauen Group’s IT support specialists have technical experience in a variety of different industries. We understand small businesses are not IT specialists. We work with clients to simplify and streamline their processes, making their systems more efficient and leading to savings in time and budget.

Services We Offer Include:



Fully Managed IT Support Services

The Bauen Group applies the right sized solution for your business.  Our services include remote and onsite support, and we work with the tools you already use like Office 365.  We’ll help you make better use of the tools you have and to make changes when the time is right.  We use words like Upgrade, Migration and Implementation so you don’t have to.

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Systems and Process Assessment

Small business owners are constantly challenged in areas that are outside their expertise. Often this results in overspending on software that your business doesn’t know how to use, or even worse, that it doesn’t need. The Bauen Group performs a free assessment of your systems and processes, how they interact, and where they are slowing your business down. Contact us below and our IT experts can evaluate your current systems and if necessary help find new more effective solutions to the issues your company is facing.

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Business Process Documentation

Every business has its own unique business processes. As the owner of a small business, you may know your processes, but does anyone else? Can you take a vacation and know that everything will be fine without you? Can your current employees train your new employees without your assistance? If you sold your business to another company, could it run without you? If you answered No to any of these questions, you need to document your business processes. Our seasoned Business Analysts can help.

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CRM Systems

As a small business owner, you work hard to obtain your customers. But how do you maintain contact with your customers in an engaging and relevant way? Bulk email programs and constant bombardment with messages are more likely to turn off your customers than bring them in for more business. Are you able to effectively track your messaging and engagement? The Bauen Group works with a variety of CRM systems sized correctly for your business needs.

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Digital Marketing

The Bauen Group takes an integrated, performance-driven approach to digital marketing. We connect your brand with your customers across digital channels to reach your marketing and sales goals. Data, research, and analytics guide our process. Whether it be help with search engine rankings (SEO) or creating a site that is mobile friendly, The Bauen Group’s digital marketing team is here to build digital campaigns that grow business and allow your brand thrive.

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Why Partner with The Bauen Group?

At The Bauen Group we focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses. In addition to being Microsoft Partner Certified, we understand the challenges businesses face when growing out of old technologies and specialize in finding new solutions to increase your efficiency and profitability.  Our small business IT specialist have years of experience helping company’s like yours overcome these difficulties and other IT issues that small and midsize businesses may encounter. We focus on building relationships with our clients to better understand your IT and business challenges and find the right solutions to get you to the next level.