If you were going to go on an expedition, you would expect that the time, money, and training you invested would produce results, whether that be a sense of pride and accomplishment, a memory, or a world record.

The same goes for business expenditures.

When a company decides to invest time, money, and training into Microsoft Power Automate, they may experience a return on investment (ROI) in less than three months. Users can create powerful automated workflows that allow business leaders to rest assured.

Accomplish More and Do Less with Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation engine that helps your team streamline time-consuming tasks and processes by connecting all of your essential apps and services. As a member of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Automate seamlessly integrates with the other Power Platform tools, helping your team remove bottlenecks throughout every department.

Power Automate focuses primarily on Business Process Management (BPM), which is the ability to optimize, automate, and enhance conventional business practices. In a survey asking users about potential advantages of using Power Automate to streamline routine tasks, 80 percent reported increased speed as a top advantage, and 73 percent mentioned that Power Automate reduces manual errors.

With Power Automate, users can save time and hassle at every step in the process. But how does that translate into cost-savings for your company?

Let’s find out.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Businesses who leverage the robust Power Automate platform and its various integrations find that they experience a plethora of benefits that increase their return on investment. Each benefit adds up to a total ROI of 362 percent over the course of three years.

Let’s explore three questions researchers asked when studying the total economic impact of Microsoft Power Automate, which led to this profound number.

How much money can my business save from a reduced IT effort?

The savings your business experiences from a reduced IT effort heavily weighs on a variety of factors unique to your business, including the size of your team, pay rates, and the average number of hours invested. But according to research, USD 3.5 million can be saved over three years.

If I am building applications, how much can Power Automate save me by replacing third-party licensing?

When a company decides to use Power Automate, they often find they no longer need additional third-party applications and licensing. For example, if a business uses Power Automate integrated with Power Apps to develop an application, it can retire third-party apps saving thousands. The Forrester TEI study showed a total savings of $91,454 when a company replaced two applications.

How much money can I save by improving business processes?

By creating workflows that digitize existing, manual, and usually paper-based processes, businesses experience efficiency gains that vary by specific roles. Overall, in a company with 1,575 users, process efficiencies improved by 15 percent. This rate translates to a cost-savings of USD 5.32 million, including a 75 percent discount since not all productivity gains directly translate to work.

Benefits Beyond the Bank

Sometimes maximizing your investment does not involve dollars and cents. There are benefits your business may reap from using Power Automate that cannot always be shown on your bank statement but are essential in the evolution of your company.

Let’s explore how your investment return can go beyond the bank, driving business transformation at every level.

Better Decision Making

With Power Automate, users can collect, analyze, and disseminate information to decision-makers faster. This, in turn, means decisions are made based on data sets that are much larger and closer to what is currently happening.

Improved Business Outcomes

Users report many ways their businesses have improved since adopting Power Automate and its various integrations. The improvements include but are not limited to happier customers, reduced time-to-market, and revenue protection. Outcomes, such as these, vary significantly from company to company, but you can feel their impact on numerous levels.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees from various departments within a company can leverage Power Automate to make their job easier yet more engaging. Research shows that those who use Power Automate were happier because they felt empowered and could work more efficiently. Empowered employees mean lower turnover rates and improved quality of work.

Enhanced Application Security

Power Automate can improve security in multiple ways. It uses permissions within Active Directory to limit access to protected data and systems, which is tied to the same authentication mechanisms as other Microsoft solutions. IT departments using Power Automate can eliminate shadow IT and manage applications themselves. Microsoft takes security very seriously, ensuring that users are compliant and protected from attackers.