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Reimagine Banking and Finance in the digital disruption

2021-03-01T19:02:43-07:00By |

The healthcare industry is not the only industry undergoing rapid transformation amidst a global pandemic. The banking and financial services industry is ever-evolving, unlocking new opportunities through innovative business models, new products, and services, and redefining how finance employees work. The industry's rapid transformation offers one clear lesson: organizations with a robust digital foundation can endure disruption more efficiently. Explore how your company can benefit from digital transformation, how other companies are taking advantage of the new era of fintech, and how you can create a solution unique to your fintech organization's needs. Digital Transformation— Banking and Finance Institutions [...]

Easily Build Intelligent Chatbots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

2021-02-12T15:17:57-07:00By |

By now, you may have heard of Microsoft Virtual Agents, the incredible little bots that have transformed customer service. Still, you may not have heard of Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents, the bots that are easier to use for customer service and beyond. These powerfully smart and ever learning bots change how you interact with customers on every platform, allowing anyone on your team to build their bot of choice no matter their skill level. Let us explore how you can use Power Virtual Agents to create sophisticated, AI-power chatbots for your business, solving common issues and answering questions around [...]

Getting to Gold— How to Become a Microsoft Gold Partner

2021-02-04T10:30:43-07:00By |

You may come across the phrase, "As a Microsoft Gold Partner," at the end of a technology blog or find it scattered across a technology consulting website. It sounds like a nice accolade, but it does not carry much weight if the reader or customer does not know its meaning. To provide greater insight into what it means to work with a Microsoft Partner, we share all the details of how you become a partner, what type of partners are available, and the benefits of being a partner below. What is a Microsoft Gold Partner A Microsoft Certified Professional [...]

Improve Your Food Business with Power BI

2021-02-01T21:56:53-07:00By |

It is not easy to run a food business, whether a restaurant or an essential supply chain entity. Food and beverage professionals are responsible for managing food quality, stock quantity, team dynamics, equipment monitoring, and overall business performance. It sometimes seems impossible to ensure everything is always running smoothly. Still, business intelligence (BI) and specialty food software make it possible for food industry leaders to manage day-to-day operations while scaling their business successfully. The Value of Business Intelligence in Foodservice Almost every other industry is leveraging data to manage and scale business. Why should food and beverage companies be any [...]

Transitioning in the Cloud: Why Hosting Everything on Azure

2021-01-28T12:51:25-07:00By |

Five years ago, Microsoft still did not run some of its major platforms on the Azure cloud. This statement is ironic since Azure is Microsoft's proprietary cloud. Since then, the tech powerhouse has made a significant effort to change the situation, and it is getting close to being able to say all their first-party services, including Office 365, Xbox Live, and Bing, are running on the Azure infrastructure. To fully comprehend what this means for Microsoft and businesses everywhere, we decided to go back to the beginning of the Azure transition and walk through the process step-by-step, so we [...]

Terra: Microsoft and Verily’s Collaboration

2021-01-28T12:59:03-07:00By |

Everything is better together, even cloud-based data storage. Recently, Microsoft announced that it would contribute cloud-based storage data and computing power to Terra. Terra is a software project powering industry and academic research, allowing them to collaborate on large-scale health information analysis. Collaboration between industry and academia is crucial to furthering innovative and developing life-saving solutions. The life sciences company, operating under the umbrella of Google parent company Alphabet, Verily, co-created Terra. Verily has been using it for the past three years, partnering with the Broad Institute, a nonprofit health research institution brought about by Harvard and the Massachusetts [...]

Trending 2021— A Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

2021-01-28T13:01:57-07:00By |

Trends serve as a guiding light for the healthcare industry, indicating the industry's direction and highlight the technologies reshaping it. Trends help industry leaders get a better sense of what their patients need and help patients better understand what type of care is available for them. As we enter a new year, The Bauen Group wanted to take time to highlight the predicted digital healthcare trends, report on the healthcare technology ecosystem, and reflect on how far we have come. 2021 Transformative Trends in Healthcare There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has brought unimaginable changes to how [...]

2021 Forecast – Cloud Innovation in the Coming Year

2021-01-28T13:08:53-07:00By |

This past year fundamentally altered the way we conduct business, how we communicate, and the way we work. The rush of digital transformation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic laid the groundwork for future resiliency and growth. Technologies housed in the public cloud empowered organizations to unlock their fullest potential through innovation and ongoing transformation. Although many businesses are taking this energy and new capabilities into the new year, some companies still do not feel well equipped to handle 2021. Let us explore the industry's current state and trending technologies to understand better how we can successfully strategize for [...]

How COVID-19 vaccine uses temperature sensors to keep it safe

2021-01-28T13:23:21-07:00By |

While scientists and pharmaceutical companies celebrate the achievement of developing a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine, they know other considerable challenges such as distribution and storage are on the horizon. The hurdle is to distribute millions of doses of vaccines while keeping the quantity extremely cold. To solve this problem, they got an assist from technology that has been transforming the foodservice industry for years. As it happens with restaurants, breweries, or food transportation, temperature-monitoring technology in small hot and cold sensors helps companies such as Pfizer and Moderna ensure a safe journey from the factory to the pharmacy. The [...]

Digital Transformation Trends in 2021

2021-01-28T13:25:50-07:00By |

No one could have predicted the series of events that unfolded in 2020. The global coronavirus pandemic perpetuated an upheaval of everything we knew as usual almost overnight. A decade of digital transformation happened within six months, pressuring businesses to adapt by creating a secure and reliable remote working environment. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and almost everything else about how technology drives a business forward. Let us see how this innovation will continue to carry us as we move into 2021. What is Next for Business Technology A question that everyone is asking relative to the pandemic, the [...]

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