Microsoft has introduced new data streaming functionality for Power BI. Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI in real-time has just become quicker, easier, and more precise. And it’s got us excited here at the Bauen Group. We are longtime champions of the Microsoft Power Platform, and this new addition cements its reputation as the ultimate solution for digital transformation success. In this blog, we’ll look at how streaming dataflows with Power BI can help your business.

Big news for big data

If you follow our blog and others like it, you’re probably fed up with hearing how data is the new oil, the new gold, the latest blockbuster business differentiator. It doesn’t matter how many times it’s said, what really matters is how businesses make use of data. And that can be easier said than done.

Power BI is a business intelligence solution from Microsoft that groups together several software services, apps, and extensions. These tools run together to empower your business and to provide you with enhanced tools to make and carry out informed decisions based on your business data.

Power BI has been the standout solution for helping organizations transform data into insights, insights into action, and action into bucks for the bottom line. Due to its low-code approach, which allows employees without data analysis expertise to undertake complex and highly valuable business intelligence work, Power BI has enabled many organizations to make data a realistic and tangible avenue for business value. This new functionality only adds to this.

Power BI was a pioneer in providing easy-to-use real-time data visualization. Since then, Power BI has enabled its customers to integrate with other Microsoft products and to visualize data as it happens, but now this has become even more sophisticated with the introduction of new capabilities to stream dataflows.

Flyer - Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI

Why streaming dataflows is a big deal

Streaming dataflows allow for the creation of reports based on near real-time data, using multiple data sources. Microsoft is taking real-time business intelligence to the next level by removing many of the restrictions that were present in Power BI in terms of data limits and visualization types. New analytics capabilities such as streaming data prep and no-code authoring have also been added. This provides Power BI users with ability to create highly interactive reports that are more up to date than what was possible before. And all of this is done via Power BI’s simple drag and drop, no-code experiences.

Now organizations can visualize data as it comes in, enabling more agile and responsive decision-making that can give them a real edge moving forward. One of the primary benefits of this is it can help to unlock the power and potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). A perennial problem for organizations has been finding a way to harness the vast datasets generated by IoT device sensors. Now this can be done in near-real time within Microsoft’s business intelligence platform.

As Arun Ulag, Corporate Vice President, Power BI, said of the new functionality at Microsoft’s BUILD conference:

“Customers want to work with data as it comes in, and not days, or weeks later. Our vision is simple — the distinctions between batch, real-time, and streaming data today will disappear. Customers should be able to work with all data as soon as it is available.”

Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI

At the Bauen Group, we are experts in helping organizations use Power BI to achieve their business intelligence goals. If you like the sound of this new data streaming functionality, then we are perfectly positioned to unlock Power BI’s full capabilities at your organization. Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI in near-real time can transform how much value you can get from your data, including from the IoT.

Microsoft created Power BI to make business intelligence as comprehensive yet powerful as possible, providing non-specialist employees across the line of business with the tools to create the kind of data visualizations that transform the bottom line. Take your business to the next level with these invaluable capabilities to make informed data-driven decisions.

To learn about the benefits of analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI and how to bring your business intelligence to life with data streaming, get in contact with the expert team at the Bauen Group today.