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The Interstate Medical License Commission Compact, or IMLCC, was established in 2017 to facilitate expedited medical licensing for well-qualified physicians across state lines.  The physicians help provide critical capacity to communities across the country, which is of particular value in under-served communities and especially during a pandemic.  Since that time, the number of states included in the Compact has grown to 33, and the IMLCC has helped issue over 24,000 licenses to over 16,000 physicians nationwide.

Paperwork Reduction for Medical Licensing

Challenge Accepted

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Having grown its portfolio of available license products to include over 30 states, and increased its customer base to nearly five times that of its first year, the systems designed at the inception of the organization no longer fit their needs.  The system relied upon multiple, disparate technologies that did not communicate in a seamless, timely or accurate manner.  This resulted in serious technical issues and constant manual intervention.

The lack of integration resulted in inconsistent data transfer between systems, across physician applications, and between the IMLCC and member states.  This in turn resulted in long periods of reconciliation and correction of data, slowing their core license issuance function.

In addition, funds for these license applications must be disbursed to member states in a timely fashion.  The financial due diligence and reconciliation process was slow and tedious, requiring multiple team members to be engaged week in and week out to detect and resolve discrepancies.  With statutory rules governing timely disbursement to member states, IMLCC was under constant pressure to meet these commitments.

Build the Solution

It was determined that both application modernization and consolidation were needed to streamline their workflow, increase their agility, and adapt to their widening portfolio of state medical license offerings and exponentially expanding physician customer base.  With a platform consisting of WordPress, Docusign, Dynamics CRM, and Stripe, along with additional ancillary systems, the interfaces were inconsistent and data quality had become a significant problem.

Bauen Solutions proposed a solution built entirely using the Power Apps platform within which Dynamics CRM is built.  This allowed consolidation of the systems down to just two: Power Apps and Stripe.  Continued use of the same payment processor was desirable as it provided continuity during implementation and cutover.  Using the Dataverse common database to store all data, the need for manual extracts to transfer data between systems was eliminated.  Leveraging the Product Management functionality within the Dynamics CRM modules allowed for a proven, structured system that would instantly accommodate ever changing prices for licenses and associated fees.  Complicated backend workflows using Power Automate enabled step by step process flows, multi-step approvals, and seamless integrations with external systems including Stripe and other 3rd party data providers.

The Power Apps Portal product allowed for all application-level activity to happen within the same platform.  A custom electronic signature capture function was built to eliminate the need for expensive DocuSign subscriptions.

Build a Health Care Data Solution

Bottom Line Benefits

The most noticeable change has been the level of integration between modules.  Having built the system entirely in Power Platform toolset, tasks that in the past required tedious manual effort to complete have now been streamlined.  These include reconciliation of accounting for the various products sold on behalf of the various state licensing partners, a tedious manual task in the past that is now a simple report away.  Onboarding new products, which used to require modifications in multiple systems and spreadsheets, is now a simple process completed in under 30 minutes.  Updates and corrections to customer records used to require a cancellation of the DocuSign envelope and starting the process over.  But with the newly integrated system, licensing approvers have the ability to edit customer records as needed, and with full auditing of all field changes for accountability.

Because of the changes:

- Streamlined application process helps physicians get approved twice as fast

- The company reduced its document handling errors by 90%

- Savings of more than $100K/year were realized by streamlining document handling processes.

- Doubled the number of applications processed annually in first year

* Company information not available as development was done under a non-disclosure agreement. It’s considered internal intellectual property and competitive advantage.

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