New Custom Healthcare Solution Saves Medical Records Management Software Company Millions of Dollars

Health care organizations, like many modern enterprises, are awash in data, customer data, company data, and compliance data. A leading US Medical Records Management Company was at a crossroads and struggling to meet customer needs. Why? It was hamstrung by manual processes supported by its legacy data systems.

The fix? A new custom developed solution that reduced errors, streamlined business processes, and resulted in a six figure annual reduction in operating expenses.

The amount of data generated today is truly astounding. In fact, the worldwide volume of information generated annually is expected to grow from 33 zettabytes (1 zettabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes) in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025, a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 61%, according to International Data Corp.

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Medical Records Software Supplier Burdened by Legacy Anchor

Like many organizations, the Medical Records Management Company found itself weighed down by tedious manual processes with its systems such as manually scanning, reviewing, categorizing, and uploading files. The company, a leader in its field, wanted to modernize and streamline their business processes; however, they also had a very small IT group and wanted to keep it lean.

In 2019 the enterprise decided to hire a third party to build over a dozen software components that connect over 40 systems and manual processes. Besides, automate many manual processes, such as invoice processing and records retrieval, and reduce its processing time in half while increasing accuracy by 90%.

The work was challenging because, like many health care companies, the Medical Records Management Company pulled information from many systems
with varying formats and document layouts that were not built to exchange information and its business processes stretched across different departments.

The supplier scoured the market for the right technology partner and selected The Bauen Group, a born-in-the-cloud technology solution provider, for a number of reasons.

In business since 2011, The Bauen Group has extensive experience in document management and handling medical records. Such experience is valuable because health care is an exceedingly complex market. State Medicaid Transformation Waivers are reshaping health care delivery. US hospitals are collaborating with providers to implement new ways to make health care more effective and more efficient.

Custom Healthcare Software Development Required

Custom Software Developer - Bauen Solutions

But each region has unique needs, rules, and challenges, so new projects do not follow a simple, cookie cutter approach. Mass market, one-size-fits-all often development leaves out features a business needs and adds functions the enterprise never uses. Customer apps create specific features that provide an organization with a competitive advantage.

Bauen Solutions specializes in custom software development and supports a wide range of consulting and application development services, such as independent solutions, integrations, and full-stack developments. The Medical Records Management Company also wanted to position its systems for future growth.

Bauen Solutions relies on cloud computing technology, new low code development tools, and a cloud native design to deliver cost effective solutions for companies of any size.

Build a Healthcare Data Solution

The Microsoft Gold partner built the new application on Microsoft Azure, a leading public cloud platform. This code was created with Microsoft’s PowerApps, a modern, browser-based low code platform. Traditionally, developers spent much of their time tinkering with software innards, for instance ensuring that storage was allocated efficiently for a payment system.

PowerApps simplifies such work. Developers create applications by simply dragging and dropping objects on a screen as the underlying software automatically builds needed connections.

Privacy and security are key elements in health care application deployments. In fact, patient privacy and data security are more important to consumers than the cost of healthcare, according to the Aetna Health Ambitions Study.

Build a Health Care Data Solution

In the survey, 80% of the respondents rated patient privacy as very important, 76% of consumers stated that data security was very important, and 73% listed the cost of healthcare as very important. Custom software gives companies the power to choose which data security technology best fits their business.

Bauen Solutions also developed a multi-step project management framework (Discovery, Design, Development, and Deployment) designed to ensure that its services and customer needs coalesce. The client brought thorough documentation of its current manual processes to the table. Coupled with Bauen Solutions’s agile development platform, the implementation took just one month.

Healthcare Software Company’s Bottom Line Benefits

The project was fine-tuned during a pilot phase and is now being rolled out throughout the enterprise. The new cloud based, low code solution streamlined or replaced the firm’s business processes.

This Medical Records Management Company was struggling to integrate new, agile, digital technologies into their organization, which was largely supported by legacy applications. To make the transition, they turned to Bauen Solutions for a custom health care solution.

The new software improved collaboration, reduced manual errors, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and perhaps most importantly established a new computing infrastructure, one capable of responding quickly to change in the turbulent health care industry.

Because of the changes:

- Teams working remotely collaborate more effectively

- The company reduced its document handling errors by 90%

- Savings of more than $100K/year were realized by streamlining document handling processes.

- An overall cost reduction of over $600K/yr.

- In two years, the savings pass the $1 million mark

* Company information not available as development was done under a non-disclosure agreement. It’s considered internal intellectual property and competitive advantage.

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