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When you first build a website for your business, it isn’t easy to know everything that it may need. Change is inevitable, and your company is no exception. A responsive website that can grow with you and easily mold to fit your vision is essential.

Over the past 40 years, Ohms Electrical Services transformed from a humble electrical contracting company to the leading electrical contracting firm in the Houston area. They were ready to level up their web presence and turned to The Bauen Group for help.

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Premier Electrical Contracting Firm Ready for a Friendly Website Upgrade

Ohms Electrical Services has been providing services to Houston and the surrounding areas since 1981. They specialize in all forms of electrical service with a mission that is rooted in customer satisfaction.

They have an evident dedication to always putting the customer comes first, which is evident in their work. This ideal has allowed them to grow from a modest
beginning to one of the greater Houston area’s electrical contracting firms.

The Ohms website was out-of-date and proving difficult to manage. It no longer represented who they were. They wanted customers to have an easy way to find them among other electrical contractors and contact them. A sleek, simple, and effective redesign is just what they were seeking.

A Sleek and Simple Solution to Showcase Expertise

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The design team at The Bauen Group listened to Ohms qualms and immediately got to work. They created a user-friendly, modern, and approachable website for Ohms Electrical Services. The design team built the site in a content management system and provided training for the Ohms staff. The training offered staff the opportunity to learn how to make edits to the site whenever they need. Also, Bauen implemented a blog to draw additional traffic back to the Ohms website and other helpful tools, such as a built-in SEO package.

Bauen wanted to ensure the new website had a personal feel. That is why they added a team page, so customers could see a picture of their technician and get a basic background on the individual entering their home. Additionally, the design team included logos with CSS animation, so website visitors could view clients who used Ohms in the past and a client testimonial slider. The attention to detail and extra features mentioned above set Ohms’ new website apart from the competition.

One of the finishing touches of the redesign was the addition of a project page. It shows various residential and commercial projects that Ohms Electrical Services is in the process of completing. The page has filter options so that visitors can view the type of work they need. The website is mobile friendly and fully responsive to any screen size for an optimal viewing experience.

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Level Up Your Online Presence

The Bauen Group is a full-service technology company with services, including mobile application design and website development. We focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses and understand that websites are often the first impression you leave on a prospective customer.

We house the websites we build in a user-friendly content management system, making it easy for your team to update or maintain a company blog. The ability to manage your site is vital for keeping a consistent web presence. In a highly competitive business environment, the relevance of your website’s content can be the difference between profitability and negative margins.

At The Bauen Group, we hone in on your brand’s personality to create a professional, modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused website or mobile app, bringing your vision to life. We structure website redesign roadmaps to build brand loyalty, cater to growing your market, and meet the needs of an ever-evolving environment.

OHMS Website Upgrade

Reaping the Benefits of Redesign

Ohms Electrical Services and The Bauen Group worked together to build a website that fully represented the premier electrical contracting firm’s essence and future vision.

This collaboration directly impacted the company’s customer experiences and impressions, search presence, and scalability. Here are just a few of the benefits your company may reap from a website redesign:

- A doorway to digital transformation. Your website can serve as the foundation of your digital presence. It is often the most obtainable change your company can make when deciding to undergo a digital transition.

- Enhanced customer experiences and an opportunity to expand your market. Your website is often the first impression on your customers. A new, responsive site is a great way to ensure the best customer experience and reach a broader audience.

- Speaking of audiences… Use SEO to grow yours. A built-in SEO package is a great way to ensure you reach the audiences relevant to your business by improving your search rankings and increasing your appearance.

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The Bauen Group is a team of professionals that see technology solutions and opportunities where companies face challenges. As a Microsoft Gold Partner technology company, it consistently drives innovation among its customers.

We are user focused. We empower customers, so they improve their products and services. We help clients create more efficient workplaces and more efficient organizations. Clients reduce expenses and generate more revenue, so employees love coming to work and customers create game changing applications.

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