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What the Power Platform 2021 release wave 2 means for your Power Apps

2021-10-19T15:46:54-06:00By |

The Microsoft Power Platform is constantly being updated to provide app makers with new features and capabilities. And the next update (Power Platform 2021 release wave 2) will be available for all subscribers from October 1st. Staying on top of the Power Platform product roadmap can be challenging – if you’re already busy, you probably won’t have time to read about all the updates coming down the line! To save you time, we’ve looked at all the new features announced in the Power Platform 2021 release wave 2, to bring you a summary of the most exciting experiences you can look forward to. 6 new updates coming to Power Apps this October Here are the new Power Apps features coming to the Microsoft Power Platform this October that we think are going to be particularly helpful to app [...]

Accessibility matters: Making accessible apps in Power Apps

2021-09-25T15:51:58-06:00By |

We live in a world striving for more inclusivity. And in the technology landscape, one of the ways this manifests itself is greater concern for accessibility. Making accessible apps and services is now a must for organizations everywhere. In this article, we’ll reveal our top tips for ensuring the apps you create in Microsoft Power Apps are as accessible as possible. But first, we’d like to briefly run through why we think Power Apps accessibility is an important topic in the first place. Why we wrote this article Low-code development platforms such as Power Apps are becoming increasingly popular [...]

Why the rise of low-code platforms matters to you

2021-09-29T05:49:08-06:00By |

Businesses everywhere are adopting low-code development. But what’s behind the rise of low-code platforms? What are the benefits that organizations are so eager to harness? If you want to know the answers, you’ve come to the right place. The new demands of the “new normal” In a June 2021 survey from Salesforce, 88% of the IT leaders said that IT workloads had increased in the past 12 months. It’s a fair bet that much of this is due to demands placed on technology infrastructure, and IT departments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilitating effective and secure remote working and [...]

Unlock the business advantages of the Internet of Things with the Power Platform

2021-07-12T08:34:40-06:00By |

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been lauded in technology circles for some time now, but many organizations have yet to realize its potential. Let’s look at how Microsoft’s revolutionary low-code Power Platform provides some of the fastest, simplest, and cost-effective ways to start exploring and harnessing the advantages of the Internet of Things. What is IoT? “In the simplest definition of the phrase, the Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything connected to the internet.” This is our top-level definition of IoT on The Bauen Group’s IoT webpage. As definitions go, it’s throwing the net out pretty wide, but [...]

The value of business application development with Power Apps and Azure

2021-07-01T08:37:08-06:00By |

The world’s leading organizations prioritize being agile and adaptable to change. This is how they overcome market fluctuations, develop disruptive innovations, and continue to grow. In the age of the cloud and remote working, digital transformation strategies are created with agility at their core. This is where Microsoft Power Apps, the leading low-code business application development solution can play a major part in your organization’s strategy. Today, we’ll explain why low-code matters and why business application development with Power Apps can take your organization to the next level. We’ll also outline the advantage of the integration of Power Apps [...]

Strike gold with Application Insights and Power BI integration

2021-07-01T08:38:29-06:00By |

It’s often said that data is now the world’s most valuable resource. Every organization, from small local business to multinational corporation, sits on a mountain of data that is growing with each passing minute. But if “data is the new oil” how do you go about extracting it? Data visualization is just one step in helping employees make sense of data and turn “ones and zeros” into actionable insights, but it is crucial. In this blog we will look at how Microsoft Power BI makes it easier than ever for non-developers and non-IT-specialists to leverage data to achieve everyday [...]

Back to the office? You need to see these benefits of Power Apps portals

2021-05-10T07:16:51-06:00By |

Many organizations have turned to Microsoft’s Power Apps to build, host, and maintain custom applications. The popular tool makes it easier, quicker, and more cost-effective than ever to roll out digital solutions for almost any business requirement imaginable. However, the benefits of Power Apps portals are perhaps lesser-known. As businesses return to the office after the pandemic, this feature of Power Apps could make a big difference. What are Power Apps portals? Power Apps portals are user-facing hubs that allow customers or employees to interact digitally with the organization, its data, and its various applications. With Power Apps portals, [...]

The top 3 benefits of the Power Platform for healthcare

2021-05-04T14:28:49-06:00By |

Over the course of the last year, the healthcare industry has become front and center for people all around the world. There’s never been more pressure for healthcare providers to deliver a better level of service for their patients – while making more efficient use of the time and money they have. In this blog, we discuss how Platform as a Service technology like the Microsoft Power Platform for healthcare can help healthcare providers deliver more with less.   1. Customize your patient care The Power Platform has wide potential to improve the service that you offer to your patients by enabling self-service functionality. With Power Apps in healthcare, you can create your own customer-facing healthcare apps, giving [...]

The fastest growing companies, Microsoft Power BI, and business growth

2021-04-30T09:41:14-06:00By |

Innovation is at the heart of every business success story. From empowering staff and streamlining operations to launching a ground-breaking new product—it’s innovation that drives growth at the most exciting companies in the world.  If your organization is struggling to achieve the kind of success you’ve set out for yourself, it may come from a failure to establish a deeply engrained organization-wide “culture of innovation” across your processes.   What’s more, technology must play a role in establishing a culture of innovation, and this is often overlooked. In this blog, we explore the role of technology in innovation, and how Microsoft Power BI and business growth are like two peas in a pod.  Reasons for innovation today  For many businesses, 2020 was a year for hunkering down and prioritizing business continuity. Many were forced to act reactively to unexpected changes rather than proactively engage in driving innovation. Although life might not [...]

The benefits of Microsoft Power Platform tools used together

2021-04-25T17:37:55-06:00By |

You may be aware of the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform in terms of its individual tools: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. Many organizations don’t use all four. Or if they do use the entire suite, they use each app in isolation. However, the Microsoft Power Platform benefits you most when several or all of its elements are used in unison. In the article I’ll show you how the Power Platform is far greater than the sum of its parts. An overview of the three Power Platform apps The Microsoft Power Platform is made [...]

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