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How agile mobile app development with Power Apps helps you adjust to a post-COVID world

2021-11-16T08:30:18-07:00By |

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a boom in the use of mobile apps. According to analytics firm App Annie, mobile app usage grew by 40% in 2020. The trend was especially strong in business applications, which were downloaded at twice the weekly rate seen in 2019. We can expect this increased reliance on mobile apps at work to persist. And while household-name tech like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will continue to be used heavily, many organizations are also seeking to create their own tools to match specific needs. Agile and low code mobile app development will make this [...]

How to Use Power Apps Templates to Create your First Mobile Apps

2021-11-27T09:54:20-07:00By |

Microsoft Power Apps are a revolutionary technology that allows anyone at any organization to create useful applications that help their coworkers. Although Power Apps are easy to use, creating your first ever app can still feel a little challenging – especially if you don’t have a background in software development. And this is where Power Apps templates can help. Power Apps templates are a great launching point for using Power Apps if you haven't worked with the technology before. They will let you build a functional app, customize it to your needs and - perhaps most importantly - learn [...]

What is Power Fx, and what does it mean for your apps?

2021-11-27T10:27:47-07:00By |

Have you ever built an app in Microsoft Power Apps which whole departments at your business started to depend on? Oftentimes, a simple app becomes crucial to the work that teams do. Over time, colleagues begin requesting more features and capabilities. Until relatively recently, adding these extra features to Power Apps could be tricky, and would soon start to need the input of software developers. But with Microsoft Power Fx, a newly released programming language for the Power Platform, it should now be much easier to build out low-code apps. So, what is Microsoft power Fx, and what does [...]

Why you need to give your Power Apps security a health check

2021-11-27T15:32:23-07:00By |

Earlier this year, researchers discovered that a Microsoft Power Apps security configuration issue had led to some 38 million records being exposed online. Personal information, including vaccination appointments, Social Security numbers, employee ID’s, email addresses and COVID-19 contact tracing, was effectively being published online via Power Apps portals. The issue arose because of the way that certain Power Apps portals were set up. When people build Power Apps, they can set up web-based portals which display data to be viewed by employees and members of the public, over a browser. Unfortunately, the default setting was to make all data [...]

Increase productivity with Power Apps in Microsoft Teams

2021-11-18T16:04:50-07:00By |

Microsoft are constantly trying to make Teams better. One recent example is the new Power Apps integration in Teams. The goal is to increase productivity with Power Apps, by giving users speedier access to extra tools. The Teams Power Apps integrations were first announced last year. If you haven't yet used the Power Apps integration in Microsoft Teams, we would definitely recommend trying it. Let's see why. What is the Microsoft Teams integration with Power Apps? Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform where people can easily chat with coworkers. Power Apps is a part of the Microsoft [...]

Accessibility matters: Making accessible apps in Power Apps

2021-09-25T15:51:58-06:00By |

We live in a world striving for more inclusivity. And in the technology landscape, one of the ways this manifests itself is greater concern for accessibility. Making accessible apps and services is now a must for organizations everywhere. In this article, we’ll reveal our top tips for ensuring the apps you create in Microsoft Power Apps are as accessible as possible. But first, we’d like to briefly run through why we think Power Apps accessibility is an important topic in the first place. Why we wrote this article Low-code development platforms such as Power Apps are becoming increasingly popular [...]

What the Power Platform 2021 release wave 2 means for your Power Apps

2021-11-18T16:06:21-07:00By |

The Microsoft Power Platform is constantly being updated to provide app makers with new features and capabilities. And the next update (Power Platform 2021 release wave 2) will be available for all subscribers from October 1st. Staying on top of the Power Platform product roadmap can be challenging – if you’re already busy, you probably won’t have time to read about all the updates coming down the line! To save you time, we’ve looked at all the new features announced in the Power Platform 2021 release wave 2, to bring you a summary of the most exciting experiences you can look forward to. 6 new updates coming to Power Apps this October Here are the new Power Apps features coming to the Microsoft Power Platform this October that we think are going to be particularly helpful to app [...]

Why the rise of low-code platforms matters to you

2021-09-29T05:49:08-06:00By |

Businesses everywhere are adopting low-code development. But what’s behind the rise of low-code platforms? What are the benefits that organizations are so eager to harness? If you want to know the answers, you’ve come to the right place. The new demands of the “new normal” In a June 2021 survey from Salesforce, 88% of the IT leaders said that IT workloads had increased in the past 12 months. It’s a fair bet that much of this is due to demands placed on technology infrastructure, and IT departments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilitating effective and secure remote working and [...]

Unlock the business advantages of the Internet of Things with the Power Platform

2022-12-12T14:47:50-07:00By |

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been lauded in technology circles for some time now, but many organizations have yet to realize its potential. Let’s look at how Microsoft’s revolutionary low-code Power Platform provides some of the fastest, simplest, and cost-effective ways to start exploring and harnessing the advantages of the Internet of Things. What is IoT? “In the simplest definition of the phrase, the Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything connected to the internet.” This is our top-level definition of IoT on The Bauen Group’s IoT webpage. As definitions go, it’s throwing the net out pretty wide, but [...]

The value of business application development with Power Apps and Azure

2021-07-01T08:37:08-06:00By |

The world’s leading organizations prioritize being agile and adaptable to change. This is how they overcome market fluctuations, develop disruptive innovations, and continue to grow. In the age of the cloud and remote working, digital transformation strategies are created with agility at their core. This is where Microsoft Power Apps, the leading low-code business application development solution can play a major part in your organization’s strategy. Today, we’ll explain why low-code matters and why business application development with Power Apps can take your organization to the next level. We’ll also outline the advantage of the integration of Power Apps [...]

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