5 Practical Technology Projects Your Business Can Actually Do In 2020

2020-03-07T21:35:11-06:00 By |

I’ve read a lot of the tech trend articles in the last month attempting to predict the next big thing in 2020. I couldn't help but laugh at all the writers throwing out AI, deep learning, and automation, along with many other buzzwords. Unless your name is Musk or Bezos you probably are not building sentient robots this year. So for the rest of us, what practical technology project should we really be focusing in the next 12 months? I was struck by the number of articles that talked about 5G wireless technology. While there is a hot race [...]

Applying Technology to Food Safety

2020-03-18T22:23:48-06:00 By |

The safety of our food has been big in the news in recent years.  High profile incidents have several damaged the reputations of several national brands.  While some of these have been traced back to food sourcing, many of the recent headline making food safety issues could be traced back to poor temperature management. Every restaurant is required to monitor temperatures in refrigeration units and maintain records of those readings throughout business hours.  The problem is that food service is a fast-paced, time-sensitive business and the temperature logging is a manual process.  Manually checking [...]