Food for thought: Time to improve operations in food manufacturing and services?

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Industries across the board are benefiting from digitizing their processes. They’re adopting new line-of-business apps, launching new services for customers and employees, and turbocharging their operations with technology in all kinds of ways.   Food is one such industry. Businesses everywhere have used the power of digital transformation to improve operations in food manufacturing and drive efficiency and productivity in food services. Let’s look at how they’re doing it.   Collecting and harnessing factory data Today, thanks to the low-code revolution, organizations can now more easily and quickly build their own bespoke apps to enhance productivity in the food manufacturing chain. Platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps can be used to put powerful new mobile applications in the hands of workers on the factory floor. [...]

Working with the Bauen Group: The 7 building blocks of your success  

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When you choose a partner for your technology project, there are plenty of things you’ll want to know:  What’s their work like?   Who have they worked with in the past?   On what kind of projects?   Tech companies devote pages and pages of their websites to answering these questions with case studies, services and solutions sections, but rarely answer this one:   What is it actually like to work with us?  This article is all about what it’s like to work with the Bauen Group: How we build your technology, and the road we take together to your solution.   Building block 1: Your insights make the best foundation  Everything we build has an aim. Whether that’s solving a business problem or seizing an opportunity, the customer is looking for [...]

Improve Your Food Business with Power BI

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It is not easy to run a food business, whether a restaurant or an essential supply chain entity. Food and beverage professionals are responsible for managing food quality, stock quantity, team dynamics, equipment monitoring, and overall business performance. It sometimes seems impossible to ensure everything is always running smoothly. Still, business intelligence (BI) and specialty food software make it possible for food industry leaders to manage day-to-day operations while scaling their business successfully. The Value of Business Intelligence in Foodservice Almost every other industry is leveraging data to manage and scale business. Why should food and beverage companies be any [...]

How COVID-19 vaccine uses temperature sensors to keep it safe

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While scientists and pharmaceutical companies celebrate the achievement of developing a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine, they know other considerable challenges such as distribution and storage are on the horizon. The hurdle is to distribute millions of doses of vaccines while keeping the quantity extremely cold. To solve this problem, they got an assist from technology that has been transforming the foodservice industry for years. As it happens with restaurants, breweries, or food transportation, temperature-monitoring technology in small hot and cold sensors helps companies such as Pfizer and Moderna ensure a safe journey from the factory to the pharmacy. The [...]

Custom Software Development— Proprietary Over Product

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Choosing the right software for your company can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, including various “as-a-Service” technologies and predesigned products, why would you need to build your own? The reality is, no matter how many features or unique workflows are built into a platform, your company may have to change various aspects of infrastructure. Change is not a bad thing; it is full of opportunities. But why fix something that is not broken? The option to build a proprietary platform over a predesigned product may be the solution you have been looking for all along. Enhance [...]

The Azure Bot Service on the Microsoft Bot Framework

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Robots taking over the world is a scenario Hollywood has used in Sci-Fi storylines for generations. But in the modern-day technology sector, bots are an everyday encounter. The Azure Bot Service on the Microsoft Bot Framework transforms the ways a developer designs, deploys and manages bots. Whether you are building a chatbot or a productivity bot, there are specific steps vital to the process. Let us uncover the core components of building an intelligent, human-like bot on the Azure Bot Service. Building AI Experiences with the Microsoft Bot Framework The Microsoft Bot Framework provides tools to develop, test, launch, [...]

IoT: How The Internet of Things is Changing Healthcare Forever

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The Internet of medical things goes beyond wearables or analytical systems. It is a whole ecosystem that connects hardware, devices, and sensors, among others, to a network that collects and analyses data in a fast, accurate, and real-time process. It provides health care centers with valuable information to improve patient's life and business synergies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the healthcare industry. IoT-enabled devices and sensors have allowed patients and healthcare providers to monitor vital health parameters in real-time, creating a personalized plan of care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. This application of [...]

Level Up — How to Get an Azure Certification

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Getting Azure certification is a crucial move in your career, especially on these days when cloud computing is proving to be a necessary component of the modern workplace. And not only for your job, but for your business can be a game-changer as you can become an Azure Microsoft partner, but also a cost-saving and efficiency master. Cloud tends to be less expensive and more secure, reliable, and more flexible than on-premise servers. It enables you to limit downtime, scale your computing and storage resources, and pay only for the services you use. This transition opens the door to [...]

IoT Ideas: Transforming Industries in 2020

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly shaping the industrial and consumer worlds. By 2020, IoT is predicted to generate an additional $344 billion in revenues and $177 billion in cost reduction. New IoT ideas are coming to life every day. Here’s how your industry will be impacted and how solution developers can help you in these shaping Industries. Internet of things in the Energy sector The Internet of Things (IoT) in the energy industry was valued at 15.04 billion USD in 2019 and is forecasted to reach 39.09 billion USD in the next five years. IoT is expected [...]

How Technology revolutionizes food safety

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Food safety has been making headlines in recent years, and while currently living amidst a global pandemic, food safety is incredibly pertinent. High profile incidents within the foodservice industry have caused damage to the reputations of several national brands. While some of the incidents are traced back to food sourcing, many of the headlines involving restaurants are connected to poor temperature management, which is easily avoidable. Technology in the foodservice industry enables foodservice companies to efficiently and effectively navigate food safety compliance requirements. The Dynamic Duo— Foodservice and Technology Technology is reinventing food safety protocols, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing [...]

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