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Why the rise of low-code platforms matters to you

Businesses everywhere are adopting low-code development. But what’s behind the rise of low-code platforms? What are the benefits that organizations are so eager to harness? If you want to know the answers, you’ve come to the right place.

The new demands of the “new normal”

In a June 2021 survey from Salesforce, 88% of the IT leaders said that IT workloads had increased in the past 12 months. It’s a fair bet that much of this is due to demands placed on technology infrastructure, and IT departments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PC screen low-code development

Fueling Transformation— The Best Work from Home Apps

At the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, business, as usual, came to a halt. In the United States and around the world, offices made the transition to a remote workplace suddenly, using work from home apps to fuel the transformation.

Before the pandemic, an estimated 37 percent of American jobs could, in theory, be done full-time from home, but this was not reality. The total amount of American workers who worked from home at least half the time was only 4 percent.

But now, researchers predict that 40 percent or more of full-time employees in the United States will continue working primarily from home 12-months post-pandemic.

Although this seems to be a welcomed transition, it is not comfortable. There are a lot of growing pains, especially when the change is unexpected. According to a survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, over 70 percent of employers reported difficulties when transitioning to remote work.

Work from Home Apps White Paper by Bauen Solutions

Duplicate Document Detection and Review

Ontellus, a leader in the record retrieval industry, manages a high volume document processing operation where duplicates can be submitted through numerous document intake channels.  The manual process of reviewing each document to verify its uniqueness was time consuming and error-prone.  By implementing an automated solution, Bauen Solutions was able to help Ontellus to increase accuracy and dramatically reduce labor on comparisons.

Online Medical License Applications

A new organization was formed by interstate agreement and tasked with helping well-qualified physicians currently licensed in one state to get licensed in as many others as possible.  The goal was to provide a seamless, unified online experience, minimizing need to navigate individual state websites and regualtions.

Bauen Solutions helped the Interstate Medical License Compact Commission to build this online portal using Power Apps Portals.  Behind the scenes, extensive interactions between state licensing organizations and the physicians were streamlined through the use of Power Automate Flows and custom processes in Dynamics 365.

  • Consolidated systems and processes to reduce or eliminate spreadsheet management
  • Eliminate need for DocuSign by signing applications directly with a custom built tool
  • Nearly doubled annual application and renewal volume in first year
  • Average time to approve a license was cut in half

Custom Healthcare Solution that saves millions of dollars

Like many organizations, the Medical Records Management Company found itself weighed down by tedious manual processes with its systems such as manually scanning, reviewing, categorizing, and uploading files. The company, a leader in its field, wanted to modernize and streamline their business processes.

Because of the Solution:

  • Teams working remotely collaborate more effectively
  • The company reduced its document handling errors by 90%
  • Savings of more than $100K/year were realized by streamlining document handling processes.
  • An overall cost reduction of over $600K/yr.
  • In two years, the savings pass the $1 million mark
health care worker managing information and medical records with a technology solution

A 24/7 fully-automated temperature protection

Food Service Case Study Worker on Refrigerator

A restaurant owner wanted to find a way to automate temperature monitoring for their kitchen refrigerator after the refrigerator air vent became blocked by bulky food items. It caused the internal temperature to spike to an unsafe temperature.

Check our solution and find out how it saved thousands of dollars to the client.

  • Over 12,000 Hours of Labor Reclaimed Annually
  • Saved over $500 per refrigerator per year
  • Total Savings = $146,000 per year

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